Thursday, August 12, 2010

Achy Breaky Art

I have an art show coming up the end of September, it's a Sci-Fi/Horror show and I'm sooo looking forward to it. BUT, I have to make some new art pieces because, well, I haven't made anything new since March of this year for the Alice in Wonderland Art Show. I've been so busy with my writing deadlines and now, even though i'm working on something underwraps right now, I have that little bit of extra time to create some new pieces. Yay!

So last night I bought paper clay and decided to try my hand at bringing my characters to life. You know, the super big eyes, straight noses, sorta creepy looking but loveable. How perfect for the upcoming show, right? I could totally creepify them even more. Well, I started small and I'll have more pics to share later, but the first thing I made (and don't laugh--this is my first time ever using paper clay and trying to sculpt!)-- is the head of an art doll of one of my characters. The picture is just the actual clay, it still needs to be painted and have hair and everything, but this is the first stage. I have a hole at the top where I will put in a ribbon so this one can be hung. I will make some kind of ghostly, transparent dress that will flow around her body, adding arms and legs as well. I will probably paint her skin all white and give her some freakishly out of control frizzy bed head for hair. I want her, in the end, to have a "haunted" look. So, this is my before and  by next week I'll post the "after" pics and we shall see if she lives up to her expectations.

Here are some other art pics I drew from early on, showing the before/after and some of the stages. You can see my other post, Don't Have An Art Attack, where I show some others.

THE GARDEN Ink drawing on cardstock

LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD (before) Ink sketch
 (after) charcoal & oil pastel on 8x8 panel

WHY ME? (before) pencil sketch (after) charcoal & ink
decoupaged onto wood and handmade paper (Sold)

TOASTED (before) Pencil & Ink Sketch
TOASTED (after) Framed, Charcoal & Ink 11x14 (Sold)


Lenny said...

hi miss rose! it sure looks like a lot of hard work. your art is so neat. i wish i could be a good drawer like you.
...hugs from lenny

aspiring_x said...

oh WOW! that toasted one is so awesome!! isn't it so much fun exploring new mediums! i'm looking forward to seeing the progression of this one! :)

Summer Ross said...

Those look amazing! I like the black around the eyes, gives a haunting effect. :)

Amie B said...

i LOVE your artwork! you're one talented gal!

Vicki Rocho said...

You are so talented! I have visions of things in my mind but they NEVER translate into much outside the cranium. I'm oh-so-envious.

Oh, and I am busting up laughing at the title because the song has been haunting me for a week now! Nine year old daughterling was on a kick talking about Billy Ray one night..."Mom did you know he writes songs?" So I told her about achy breaky heart and she played it on youtube (ack) and the song has been LODGED in my head ever since. Dagnabit.

Meredith said...

I love these! Toasted is especially intriguing :) Good luck with the art show!

Rose Cooper said...

Thanks, Lenny! I have so much fun with it, it doesn't seem like work at all :)

aspiring_x- thanks! I love trying new mediums, except sometimes I can become a bit obsessive about it!

Thanks, Summer! The eyes are my favorite. It always seems to define my character a bit more.

Thank you, Amie!

Vicki- I still have that problem. Sometimes the vision in my head never comes out the way I want it. That is so funny about the song. And honestly, I can't think of a single song of his besides that one!

Thank you, Meredith!