Tuesday, August 31, 2010

How do you say Gossip & Rumors in Vietnamese?

If you haven't guessed by the title, Gossip from the Girls Room, A Blogtastic! Novel is now making it's way to Vietnam!

So this makes a total of three countries, including China and Spain!

And even better, Vietnam is also picking up Rumors from the Boys Room, A Blogtastic! Novel, which will be released here in Spring 2012!

Stay tuned for an ARC giveaway coming your way soon!


Jen said...

Woohoo!!!! *throws confettie* *throws sparkles* *throws toilet paper*

I think it's time we have a teepeeing party!!

That's amazing news!!! The novel is awesome ;) so I'm not surprised they are wanting to take it and sell it!!!

Here's to you being a rockstar!!! *holds hawaiian punch in the air*

aspiring_x said...

i'm so happy for you!

Rose Cooper said...

LOL Thanks soooo much, Jen! How fun would it be to have an online book launch party? Is there such a thing?

Jen said...

I have no idea if there is but surely we could make something like it!!! Virtual cupcakes, glasses of champagne, speech from the author!!! Hehe I am liking the sound of this!!

I plan on getting drunk of cupcakes and champagne :)

Nicole MacDonald said...

I like the idea of the cupcakes and champagne!! Cause then technically it's zero calories right?? :)


Anne M Leone said...

How very exciting! Congrats!!!

Amie B said...

WHAT??!!! What??!!! Get out!! That's fantastic! Congrats!

Emily White said...

How exciting! :D

Serena said...

Thats great news, I like the idea of an on line party what about using skpe, or sonthing like that make an audio post in real time?!! Virtual cup cakes,a and champers included :) Congratulations.

Mary said...

*fireworks* going off here! Congratulations! Keep up the great work.

Lenny said...

hi miss rose! wowee im soooo happy for you. miss jens party sounds cool. i could have cupcakes and some of that punch she drinking but not the champain. ha ha. when you do that give away im putting my name in it for sure. i want both books! :)
...smiles from lenny