Monday, August 30, 2010

Ghosthunt: The Two Story Barn

I walked up the long, steep driveway. The chirping of crickets and the shuffling of our feet on the gravel was the only sound. If it wasn't for our flashlights, we wouldn't be able to see our hands in front of our faces. Yes, it was that dark. We had left behind the city lights and exchanged it for this 22-ace property built upon an indian burial ground. It was a private residence and people still lived in the house that occupied the land. They said it was cursed. That many bad things happend there. What exactly had happened...I would soon find out.

There were a LOT of people that had shown up for this event. I wasn't expecting so many. We were all split into groups. Each group would take one place at a time-Two story barn, house, one level barn, old Wells Fargo Coach Stop. We would have 45min at each place. Once we heard the whistle blow, we would all gather to report our findings.

I had with me my tape recorder and a digital camera, so I got to be an investigator. Our team lead was celebrity psychic, Belinda Bentley. First stop-the two story barn. My friend Frankie, my brother Brandon, and one other girl made a bee-line straight for the closet on the bottom. The second we opened the door, it was freeeeezing inside. And it was creepy. Everything about it from the writing on the walls to the overall feeling from being inside. I was shivering, and it wasn't from just the cold. Frankie and the other girl both said at the same time, "I feel overhwelmed with sadness. I want to cry." Later on, we found out that other people said this exact same thing. Some even reported saying this back in June during the first investigation.

This is the front of the barn. Above is the loft. Notice that chair? It plays
significance in this story later on. The lady in the pink is our Lead, Belinda
and see that open door behind the man in black? That's the door to
"the closet."

We did an EVP in that room, which is an Electronic Voice Phenomena. What you do is you take out your recorder, push record and ask a question. You wait 10-20 seconds between each question. Then you play back with the hopes of hearing something on tape that you couldn't hear with your ears.

Every time I tried to push record on mine, it wouldn't record. So I would leave that closet and try recording outside of that room. It would work fine. I tried this about eight different times, all with the same results. So we had someone else go in the room with us to do the EVP.

The inside of The Closet room. It was pitch black, but the flash from my camera
did really well at capturing this wall. The space was about 12x12. Creepy, eh?

We actually sneaked away from the group so it would be much quieter around us. It was just my brother, Frankie, and this other guy with the recorder. He had the recorder laying flat on his palm, pushed record and said, "Is there anyone here with us?" We were absolutely silent, frozen. He clicked his recorder off and we left the room. Outside, we huddled and listened closely to the playback. What we heard on the tape indicated we were not alone in that room...

To Be Continued.....

Come back tomorrow to read what happens!

Ghosthunt: The Two Story Barn Part 2


Mary said...

Creepy and very fascinating. See you tomorrow.

Candyland said...

*shivers* You're braver than I!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow--creepy and cool. Glad you enjoyed it, Rose. I can't wait to hear more and to see how this info works its way into your novel.

I loved the ghost tour we did in St. Augustine. There was a room where I suddenly didn't feel well (dizzy and I had a headache) and I was later told that many people show symptoms in there because of all the people who were in pain and then died there. Freaky!

Messy mommy said...

Is it just an old Idian burial ground or did anything else happen there? With the art on the wall of the closet makes me wonder.

Amie B said...

srsly - i was in the middle of reading INTO it...getting totally creeped out...and then my phone rang! i freaking jumped in my chair and let out a squeal! OMGosh- i'm not coming back tomorrow unless i take my phone off the hook!

ladystorm said...

I spent the night in a haunted hotel but I didn't know much about ghost hunting then..I would so like to go back with what I know from watching some ghosthunter episodes and try doing EVP's...but it was still cool.

Sounds like you had fun!!

Erinn said...

Very creepy, it's awesome you're going out and doing ghost hunting. I love watching the shows. I love it when the stuff that happens on my TV happens in real life too.

Blackrose said...

Hi Rose, loved your post on your ghost Hunt, and cant wait till the next instalment. If you're ever in scotland, Edinburgh is credited with being the most haunted city in europe you should check out Mary Kings close. I personaly havent been (yet!) But when i can talk my friend into it i will be!

Love the look of your blog and will be followibg you in the future!

hoep that your having a good day
all the best serena at I see you see


Stephanie said...

Ack, cliffhanger!

Falen (Sarah) said...

oooh exciting! I stopped by from the fairy tale blogfest link, but i'll have to remember to come back tomorrow to see what happens!
I'm a huge fan of paranomal studies and junk, though mostly cryptozoology. Fun times!

WindyA said...

such a cliffhanger! excited to heard the rest of the story!!

Rose Cooper said...

Thanks, Mary!

Candace, the funny thing is, I was more facinated than anything. Although I nearly had a heart attack when someone jumped out of this closet later on when I tried going back in. Ugh!

Thanks, Mindy! I've already started writing down the ideas to put into the story. I can't wait do write more. And yes, I've heard of that happening-what you described-and something major like that happened to my friend on Saturday which I'll be sure to blog about. Crazy!!

Messy Mommy-There is history there as well. Meaning yes, lots of traggic stuff happened that we discovered. I will definitely be posting this tomorrow!

Amie-You're so funny!

Ladystorm-that would be cool to spend the night at a haunted hotel! I've never watched any of those ghosthunter tv shows, so this was entirely new to me.

Erinn- It was so strange to see the stuff happen-at first you wonder if something "really" happened. But there were 80 people there and over half were saying nearly the same things.

Blackrose- Thank you for stopping by! Thanks for the tip! And if/when you go, let me know how it goes!

Stephanie-would it be any good if it wasn't? lol

Sarah-thanks for stopping by! I got too busy to do the fairytale blogfest, unfortunately. I'm not familiar with the term crptozoology. I'll have to look that up!


Lenny said...

wooooooo. i wish i could of gone with you. youre telling a real ghost story for sure and i just gotta come back so i could hear what happened on that recorder. im real glad you got back so you could write about it.
...hugs from lenny

Vicki Rocho said...

argh! you can't dooooo that to me! I wanna know!

Blackrose said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. great to see that you followed. Im planning a trip to Edinburgh inthe next couple of weeks will let you know if i make it. Thanks again Rose.

Jen said...

AHHHH I'm so coming back tomorrow!!!! I hate having to wait but I'm glad I'm reading it now and not earlier this morning!!!

Hi Blackrose!!!! I'm so glad you stopped by her blog Rose, I love finding new people on the blog and she's awesome!

aspiring_x said...

dah! what was it?!?!?! tuning in tomorrow for sure!