Wednesday, August 25, 2010


First, let me say thank you to Jen for interviewing me on her blog! You're awesome!

Now, for some art updates. I've been dividing my time between making new art pieces for the Sac Horror Art Event and writing for a new project. Oh, and getting ready for the ghost hunt this weekend!  Which, BTW, I've decided will be on Twitter & Facebook (during the event) since I know some of you aren't on Twitter, so make sure to add me on FB if you haven't already and you want to see how all of this goes down! Of course i'll be posting about it on Monday too.

You might remember the before pictures from this post, Achy Breaky Art, and how I was experimenting with paper clay for the first time. So, I managed to get further along (although not quite done) on the art doll I was working on.

I'm working on her body now. I also have a super cool
dress for her. I'm thinking she'll be a "corpse bride."

I started a few smaller doll heads, and this below is one of them. I will be making her body soon, too. I haven't yet decided if she will be a sitting doll, or a hanging one.

She will be called "The Black Widow." I will be making
a spider for her hair, and her dress will be made
out of cobwebs.

This is The Crazy Mermaid, one of the finished ones that was shown as "before" in the other post.

And lastly, I tried something completely different and I love the end result. I used a wood plaque, painted it black with some red splatter, and made Zombie Girl out of paper clay to give it that 3D effect when hanging on a wall.

She isn't hanging up yet, but I took a pic of the side view so tha you
could see how she "pops" right off the wood. I used wool yarn for
hair and it's hard to see from these pics, but she's wearing the
cutest zombie boots ever!


Cruella Collett said...

Oh, these look AWESOME! I'm so impressed that you manage to transfer your unique style of drawing and painting onto these dolls - I never seem able to 3D-efy anything without turning it into something else than the original drawing.

Candyland said...

Your talent has no bounds! You're fabulous!!!!

Summer Ross said...

I love zombie girl!

Matthew Rush said...

First of all these are fab-tastic! Second, are we FB friends? Not sure but your forgot to link to your profile lady.

Rose Cooper said...

Thanks, Cruella! I really was hoping to capture that same big eye creepy type look on these!

Aww, thanks Candace :)You're quite fabulous too!

Thanks, Summer. I have to say, she does look better in person. The pic quality of my cellphone is just...not good.

Thanks Matthew! Um, I don't think we are FB friends. Hmmm... I'll have to double check on that. My facebook link is on the upper right hand of my blog under "connect" along with my other networking sites. Mainly, because I can't remember the names of each account, lol.

aspiring_x said...

very fun to watch the development of your corpse bride. i love the funky mermaid one and the hair on the black widow!

Vicki Rocho said...

You're so talented! Thanks for sharing

Lenny said...

wow miss rose those are soooo cool. i love that zombie girl. i hope you could do a zombie boy. you got soooo much talent for writing and for art.
...hugs from lenny