Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Bigfoot Sightings!

Bigfoot-Real or just a real hairy man?
I'm back from vacation! I didn't think I would actually be able to stay away from the computer that whole time, but it was easier than I thought. Not saying that I would ever do that again though (unless I go on vacation again next year).

On our way up to Washington State, we stopped at Mount St. Helens. I've heard of this mountain/volcano, but didn't know so much about it's history so it was awesome to learn about it. The volcano is still active blows out ash at times. It even has a VolcanoCam on the website.

What we didn't know is how rampant the Bigfoot Sightings are up there. Seriously, everywhere you look you see signs, statues, etc. and the stories that go with it are crazy!  It is said that you will smell Bigfoot before you see him. While we were driving along the twisty and windy roads, I swore we were going to have our very own Bigfoot encounter. But then I realized it was just one of my boys who took their shoes & socks off. Sigh.

Once I got home I had a few great things waiting for me.

Great Thing #1:
My Candyland Team tee arrived in the mail, yay!

Great Thing #2:
The contract for my second book, RUMORS FROM THE BOYS ROOM, which was just needing my signature on all four copies! Even though I've already written the book and submitted to my editor (minus the illustrations) that gives you an idea of how time moves in the publishing world.

Great Thing #3:
I received an email from my editor saying that some of my ARCs for GOSSIP have arrived!! And I'll be getting my hands on them SOON! like this week or maybe beginning of next. I. Can't. Wait. This is what I've been waiting for--to have a book in my hands on a book that I actually wrote. I'm going to be calling my husband a million times a day from work asking "is it there yet?" until he finally says yes. And then I'll make it very clear to NOT OPEN the package. Becaues I want to open it. I want to see it for the very first time. Otherwise, I'll come home from work to see the kids running around with my books and i'll be like, "oh, so you saw it, huh?" even though my two year old won't know it's any different from the other books he wrinkles up.

Which leads me to my next idea...I need to do an ARC giveway!! But not just with the ARC, I want to do it complete with a swag pack. But I need to think of a really cool and different contest to do for this. Any ideas?


Crissy said...

That is a lot of good news! Exciting times for sure!

I am sure any kind of swag you come up with will be totally cool!

Candyland said...

Well your art is always cool swag and yay for ARCS coming!!! (Oh and Candyland tee!)

Messy mommy said...

Very cool!

Erinn said...

Bigfoot AND your contracts and ARCS! Wow awesome stuff. congrats!

Jen said...

I'm so glad your back *smiles* I missed you a lot *hugs*

Where is your picture of the Candyland tee? We need to be Candyland besties... you'll have to look at my blog to see it on the sidebar :) I look awesome!

Bigfoot sightings huh? To fun!!!

OMG YOU'RE KIDDING!!!! ROSE THAT'S SO SUPER COOL!!! WOOHOO FOR GETTING YOUR FABULOUS ARC COPIES! That is something I wouldn't miss the world for! An extra congrats for the soon-to-be-in-your-hands-awesome-gossip-novel!

You know I'm excited! Contests rock... I'm with Candyland, your art is awesome, but cool bookmark swag and shirts are fun too!

Jen said...

Yeah so after posting my comment I realized that I might be pegged as the stalker blogger friend... then again having a blog stalker means you made it in the blogging world :)

I should make a badge - Rose Cooper's proud blog stalker

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I know how excited I was when my ARC came in the mail. Congratulations!

beth said...

Congrats on everything! Awesome news.

Amie B said...

i tried to write a clever cheer for you and all your great news....but all i came up with was this -

Rose, Rose she's the best
I wanna win her contest!

anyway, CONGRATS!!!! so excited for you!

Aubrie said...

Congrats on your contract! Too bad you didn't see bigfoot. Maybe next time?

Lenny said...

hi miss rose! im glad you had a fun vacation. it could of been pretty scary if you saw bigfoot. it was real lucky for you that you couldnt cause he was busy chasing me and my friends in my dragonfly book. yikes! i hope he gets out of my story and goes back to that helen volcano. what ARC? whatever it is it sounds real exciting for you. i love contests. i hope you have a fun one. i cant wait to read your book and im for sure gonna want the boys room one.
...hugs from lenny

aspiring_x said...

OOHHH!!!! How exciting! YAY!

(btw- bigfoot is SO real!)

storiesofmoss said...

Congratulations, Rose! (On both the contract and the ARC's being on their happy way to you.)

And Oooo, I know. I've got a GREAT idea for your ARC swag giveaway: Hold a totally random drawing for the winner with all of the entries being from your friends/critique group members whose names are Niki, but only those spelled with one "K". That would be awesome. :)