Friday, August 27, 2010

Are you a Brave Blogger?

This is a character i'm working on for a new project. While this is her reaction to something very trivial, i'm guessing this could possibly be my reaction on tomorrows ghost hunt. Although right now i'm feeling quite confident that I won't be scared since i'm really just super excited. Plus, I've been writing all of this into my book so it feels like i'm stepping into my actual story. BUT....things can always change once I get there. And it's dark. And things start to look a bit more creepy than I image. And then you know how your eyes like to play tricks on you and when you have ghosts on the brain and IF weird things happen, well...I might just end up a mess.

So I'm giving out an award today. And I'm still behind on passing on other awards that have been given to me. But this one I made. It is the Brave Blogger Award, and it actually has a double meaning. Instead of listing names on who should receive this, I'm listing who should take this.

1. If you are brave enough to follow me on Facebook and/or Twitter tomorrow night (starting 8pm pacific time) while I give live updates, then take this award. You are brave for following along on a real ghost hunt!

2. If you have overcame a fear, ie. submitted to an agent, trapped yourself in a room with spiders, or any of THESE, then you deserve a high five AND this award.

3. If you think my character is cute or just stupid looking and you're brave enough to comment and tell me so, then please, take this award! And I promise, my feelings won't be hurt. Much.

And if you do take this award, please pass along the braveness to anyone you know who deserves it!

Happy Friday!


Jen said...

You know I love this image... this character and this super fun award! I'll be a brave blogger for that reason! Also I'll be stalking you tomorrow night with all your fun!

As for being trapped with the S word... dream on... deathly afraid, no way am I getting over S's for an award. Not even for a million dollars... see my fear?

aspiring_x said...

i think your character is ADORABLE! :) and your award is fun!
and really really wish you good luck tomorrow night!
AND- go to this link ONLY if you are already REALLY BRAVE!!! this is why i would NEVER go on a ghost hunt... the clip is from a show i watch all the time- where usually nothing much actually happens... but this episode- NIGHTMARES!!!

But do not go to the link if it will creep you out too much!!! :) just look at it when you come back.

Summer Ross said...

Well I havn't submited to publishing house or an agnet, but I have to magazines...does that count lol. No spiders for way no how.

LReneeS said...

I love the character; great and adorable!

I have submitted to MANY agents and publishers. It can tend to get very scary.
Happy writing,

Casey said...

The character is actually the spitting image of the main character from Dear Dumb Diary, which might cause some legal trouble if you try to put it in a book... D:

Rose Cooper said...

Casey- One of the girls in my crit group said the same thing too. I am going to change her up a bit (super long hair, maybe diff face shape) but I wanted her to have really large eyes like my other drawings. I think once she's inked it will be a bigger diff too, she'll have black hair and edgy clothes. Thank you for letting me know though!! BTW, I'm sending your stuff out this weekend :)

Vicki Rocho said...

Love your illustrations! That top one kinda reminds me of my daughter when she sees a bug. hahaha.

Have fun at the ghost hunt. Not sure whether I'm brave enough to do that. I like hearing about them, but when its dark and creepy things start happening? uhhhhhh....

Candyland said...

You're so cute. I wish I could follow along tomorrow.

Casey said...

YESSS! Mystery envelope! :-D

Lenny said...

hi miss rose! wow i wish i could go with you on that ghost hunt. if you get past it alive you could give yourself that cool award. haha for me i love spiders cause they tickle on your skin when they walk up you arm. i hope you see some ghosts tonight.
...smiles from lenny