Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Informal Book Club

I'm part of this exciting opportunity through Jen's Blog,  so now I'm looking for six people who would also love to join in on this fabulous fun!

Informal Book Club

There is no money involved so it is legal and fun.

All you have to do is send a book (paperback, audio book, hardcover) that you have already enjoyed to the person listed on the back of the sheet I will mail to you. There is no need to box the book you mail; a mailing envelope is fine. Be sure the book you send is still in good condition, we don't want anyone being shorted out on the fun.

How do you know where to send the book to?

The letter that will be mailed will have a address label listed on the back (that is where the book will be sent) from there you will make 6 copies of the letter and attach the 6 address labels I provide for you. Find 6 people you would like to join in on the fun and send the letter (with my address label on the back) and 6 address lables of your own (loosely in the envelope) so you can receive books.

What's the point of this? Sending out 6 letters means you will eventually get 36 books for FREE!!!! You are only sending letter amongst friends and people you know so you can already see how much fun and how easy this will be!! It will be interesting to see what kind of books you'll receive!!

So who wants to join??? If you absolutely cannot resist, all you need to do is be one of the first SIX commenters to write "yes" and include your email address. I will then contact you for your snail mail add and mail your letter to you. How cool is that?!

ONE MORE THING - only sign up to do this if you are able to send out your book soon (within a few weeks of when you receive the letter) so that we can be fair to all participants. I don't want anyone waiting to get their novels.

BTW - Tomorrow is Guess That Character Blogfest! So be sure to check out my blog to tomorrow to read a snippet from one of my books and guess my characters description!

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Messy mommy said...

YES! YES! YES! Oh, I'm sorry, that was only supposed to be 1 yes and my email (

I am a total sucker for free books, and I just finished a book I can send! Though it will be at least 1 week, possibly 2 before I can mail a book. One daughter starts school Aug 23, the other Aug 30.

I'm already thinking gifts, giveaways (on my blog) and my extended family's infamous gift exchange :)

Jen said...

Wow Rose you already got one taker!!! That's awesome! I'm so excited! Squee!!

I hope you get more takers, this is so much fun and I can't wait to start getting books!

Thanks for all the shout-outs! I can't wait for your snippet!!

Wait a minute... hold the phone... ARC'S???? I'm hopping over now! Squee!!! I'm super excited again!

LReneeS said...

Well I'd be interested I think... But I have a question....
Do we get back the book we send or is it kind of like a "Farewell, I'll never see that book again" kind of thing?

Happy writing,
P.S. You can let me know on my blog or here on the comment form

Casey said...

I would, but I feel like it would all get really confusing. Plus I have, like, no friends that read xD

aspiring_x said...

it's a good idea! but i'm so broke at this point, i don't think i could afford all the postage! :)

Lenny said...

hi miss rose! sorry i cant do it. its probably books for older people than me. im doing miss jens blog fest. i hope you could come over and see if you could guess what gunther looks like. im gonna guess yours.
...smiles from lenny