Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Ghosthunt-The Two Story Barn Part 2

If you missed out on yesterdays post, you can read Part 1.

So, there we are. Huddled around the tape recorder, listening to the playback. We hear the guy repeating his question on the tape, "Is anyone here?" then complete silence...then...footsteps shuffling. In. The. Room. With. Us.

We never moved. The four us. Never Moved. And the whole time during that recording we never heard a sound. Not one single sound. And now, here on the recorder, there is the distinct shuffling of feet, loud enough to tell that it is indeed shuffling. And then it stops. Then more silence. Then the recorder clicks off. That was the whole 20 seconds of what was recorded.

And I can testify that what I heard on that tape is something I didn't hear while it was recording. And that is what creeped me out. So when the rest of our group came back to the barn, we gathered in the next room with an old tractor. One of the guys sat on the tractor and others took pictures with their cameras. "Orbs" showed up in pics and our lead psychic said we had to debunk this because orbs can easily be dust and/or insects. So, everyone stomped on the ground, creating more dust and took more pictures. The "orbs" that showed up were small white circles, very light. The psychic then said, we would recreate the scene to determine if there were orbs from any spirits.

The psychic then said, "If there are any spirits here, sit in Johns lap." John was the guy in the tractor. As she said that, everyone began taking pictures and two things simutaneously happened.

1. Four people's cameras died, as in their fully charged batteries drained, all at the same time. I was one of these four. This is the reason why I don't have any pictures for this post.

2. The people who were lucky enough to still have working cameras all captured the same thing-a huge, bright glowing orb. Hovering right above Johns legs. As in, his lap.

Hmmm, I didn't realize you can instruct dust where to go. Or can you?

The upstairs of the barn, the loft...was way demonic looking. Pentagrams were drawn all over the floor and things written on the walls. There were also gaping holes in the floor boards that were wide enough for a person's leg to fall through. No thank you! Back downstairs I happily skipped.

We were constantly drawn back to The Closet, but the last time we went back, it was sooo warm. And the creepy feeling that was once there was...well, not so creepy anymore. Strange, right?

So, you want to know the history of this barn? Well, in the bottom corner there are pews piled up. This is explained as coming from a church on the property that "accidentally" burned down. And in this barn, a young girl was hung by her mother. It is said that this girl now sits in a corner and cries. That is why some believe they feel overcome by sadness in The Closet. Nobody knew of this info until the very end.

And the people who presently live in the house next door talk about how they are cursed and how bad things have happened to them since living there. And apparently only 3wks ago, someone in there house just died. Yikes!

Whistle Blows.

Time to move on to the Wells Fargo Coach Stop. But better be careful walking the long dark path going there. Because one of the investigators, well, she just tripped about 30min ago and smashed her head in and had to be rushed to the hospital....

*Come back tomorrow to hear what happens at the Coach Stop when my friend Frankie has an "Actual Physcial Experience" that I witness.

Want to hear some good news? Read my other post for today in which I have terrific news from my agent!!!

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aspiring_x said...

holy mackerole! that is terrifying!!!! you took notes right? this is such great research!!! :)

Rose Cooper said...

Yes, I definitely took notes! I already started incorporating ideas of this into my story too!

Messy mommy said...

Whoa! What a contrast: church pews and pentagrams. I wonder why the girl was hung by her mother and when the pentagrams were drawn. Kinda freaky that the land starts as an Indian burial ground then all this other stuff happens in the same area. W.O.W.!

Vicki Rocho said...

I get orbs in my house all the time! I have whispered for them to go to a certain location, but don't say it out loud cuz I don't wanna freak the kids out. LOL.

can't wait to hear more!

Lenny said...

wow miss rose this is sooooo exciting for sure. i cant wait to hear what happens. its like reading a neat ghost book.
...shivers from leny

Mary said...

Cheez, Rose, what a way to make sure we come back.lol
No kidding this is exciting.