Thursday, July 29, 2010

Don’t Have An Art Attack!

So last night this art piece was flung off my wall, for no apparent reason. I think it’s another poltergeist. This one I’ll call Arty. Either he didn’t like it or…it symbolized something. When I paid attention to the actual picture, it does seem quite familiar. Perhaps similar to my dream of the Octopus that ate my husband? Hmmm.

Image done in charcoal and ink
decoupaged on wood, 8x10

I always love seeing the beginning stages of an illustration or art piece and thought I would share that with you. And I know, the picture quality isn’t the best since I took these on my iPhone. Okay, and my angles are off a bit so for best viewing quality, you may need to tilt your head.

This piece below is a perfect fit with my post from yesterday, Are Writers Crazy? Her cat thinks she’s crazy too, but he wouldn’t have it any other way. The final piece is framed in wood and with white matting. I used a panel canvas, decoupaged with handmade paper, then decoupaged her onto that panel framing. The image itself is done in ink and charcoal. With framing measures 11x14.
Crazy Girl in just ink

Crazy Girl all finshed!

This image of Thumbelina I had done originally on an 8x8 for a Gallery Showing (Fairytale themed) and I wanted to draw her again on a bit of a larger scale. This was my first time experimenting with my drawings on wood and I love the natural look that showed through the image after I used the fixative gloss and protective coatings. She’s done with charcoal, ink, and Prismacolors, unfinished edges with wire hanging. She measures 11x14.

If you sign up for my newsletter, I have more images like this, with before and after shots, that I’ll be including. I also have a couple of art pieces from the a gallery showing that I decided to not show, so I will be giving everyone a sneak peek at those in my newsletter. Don’t forget, you still have till Friday to win a free print of your choice if you haven’t already entered.

Oh, and if there’s one way to embarrass your 6th grade son, it’s to draw on his lunch bag.

My son's exact words were, "Do I HAVE to bring my lunch today?"


Jen said...

Your drawings rock!! I would have loved to have had my mother draw on my lunch bag, then again I'm not in school anymore so things would naturally change :)

Bradmouth said...

Your pics are so cool. They remind me of the Beetlegeuse cartoon from way back.

I find myself yelling, "do me, do me! at your pics.


Mary said...

I think I would stop here every day if all you had were pictures! I love them

Candyland said...

I love love love your work! I want some for my bare walls!!!

Lenny said...

wow! cool pictures. its neat to see how you do it.
...smiles from lenny

Jaydee Morgan said...

Awesome job on the artwork - they're great!

Will Burke said...

The best reason to have kids is to embarass them! Just stopped by from QQQE, and like what I see! Cheers!

aspiring_x said...

wow! i love your style! very cool!

salarsenッ said...

These are amazing drawings. Yeah, I can see how drawing the 6th grader on his lunch box would elicit some embarrassment. But isn't that what moms are for??

Kristi said...

Came over here from Matthew's blog...great site and amazing drawings!!! Love your style and talent!