Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Gossip From the Girls' Room- ARC's!

I pulled a Jen today and i'm doing a two post day. Why? Because I have such terrific news it deserves it's very own post!

(Summary from inside cover)
Sixth-grader Sofia Becker writes a blog about everything she overhears in the girls' bathroom,
especially mean things about the super-popular Mia, but comes to realize that gossip
has consequences and popularity is hard to achieve.

My ARCs of GOSSIP FROM THE GIRLS' ROOM, A Blogtastic! Novel came in the mail yesterday! I got to hold my book for the very first time. Ever. It was...strange. Looking at all the text and illustrations come together to form a solid ,published book just feels so surreal. It's not something I have to go online to look at anymore, I can actually hold it, turn it over in my hands, flip through the pages. It's the moment that I've waited for since...well, forever.

I look at the illustration on the cover and I think, "I remember drawing it but I don't feel like I drew it." Same with the text and inside illustrations. The ARC's I have are paperback, whereas when the books hit the store shelves it will be hardcover. But the book now is so super cute and I absolutely adore it. Now, I'm totally eager for people to read it!

Here's the thing. I only received four ARC's. I will be getting more, I'm just not sure when. So my problem is figuring out how to make the most of these four books for now. Right now I can tell you I'm keeping one, so that leaves me with three. What to do with the remaining three?

I want it to get some exposure. I want people to read it who really want to read it. I'm torn between several different things. For starters, I'm still thinking about doing a blog giveaway. But I don't know what yet. I want it to be something more creative than just "leave a comment and you'll be entered to win" type thing.

Second, I want to give one to a blogger who will do a review of it on their blog and post to Amazon. But who and how do I make that decision?


How and what would you decide if you were in my shoes? Which, by the way, are a 7 1/2 and quite fashionable.

PS- You can check out my other blog post for today, Informal Book Club, and join in on the fun!


Kathryn said...

What about an online scavenger hunt to declare a winner instead of a same-old blog contest giveaway? I've never seen that done before.

Also, you could give me one of the ARCs for giving you the idea, and I'd be delighted to review it on my blog for you. ;D

Congrats! How exciting is that?!

Creepy Query Girl said...

First of all - Congratulations! It must be such a great feeling to finally see your book in print! Secondly, Keirsten White who's upcoming book 'Paranormalcy' has gotten great coverage throughout the blogosphere might have some tips that could help you decide. One idea is to make a gadget that counts down the days your book comes out and have contest entrants include it on their blogs somewhere.

Emily White said...

*raises hand* ME! ME! ME! ME! I wants it, I wants it! I would LOVE to do a review for you!

Ahem. What I mean to say is, congratulations! And the scavenger hunt idea is a really good one. :D

Jen said...

Rose I'm feeling the love today chica!!! I'm loving the picture you gave us! I bet it felt so super strange! They look so awesome though!

I'm with Creepy Query Girl make yourself a badge on the countdown to release date - I would be more than happy to stick it on my blog! - also blog giveaways are fun but I think you're onto something, make sure they'll review it on their blog, amazon, goodreads, where your name is you want it talked about!

PS I'm about to email you about your interview so just a heads up!!!

Casey said...

I would review it on my blog; I can't wait to buy one when it officially comes out! :-D

Erinn said...

What if you picked ten people who follow your blog and who blog regularly, comment and all that good stuff. One person reads it and mails it off to the next person on the list. Then you get the book back at the end. It's like a chain.

Oh maybe people write in the book too, cute comments along the way.

+ sides:
lots of exposure.

Creates a fun little community.

exposures for other blogs.

You're only giving away 1 ARC and you get it back

- sides:
It might take a while. Even if everyone only has a week with the book, its still at least 13-15 weeks before you get it back. And by then the book would be released to the public.

Rose Cooper said...

Thanks, Kathryn! Love the scavenger hunt idea--I will seriously think about this one!

Creepy Query Girl- Love the idea, thanks!! And yes, I've seen her book all over the place. A very good suggestion and I'll probably do that!

Emily-Thanks :) As soon as I figure it all out I will definitely post! I'm hoping to get more soon so that I can give many more away to be reviewed.

Thanks, Jen! Yay i'm super excited :)

Casey-Thanks so much! I'll add you to the list as well and I'll figure something out :)

Erinn-It is SO weird you suggested this because I actually was thinking the same thing only minutes before. Seriously! I thought I could use my copy to go around and have everyone who reads it sign it so it would be a definite keepsake for me, which would be so cool. I was thinking along the lines of Sisterhood of the Traveling Book, haha.

I don't think time would be an issue because the book isn't released till January 11, 2011. That's still a looong way off, so I definitely think this could be done. If it's a go, what do you say, you in?

aspiring_x said...

oh WOW!!
i hope the "realness" sinks in! :)

...GREAT IDEA from Erinn- but i think so many will want to be involved with your sisterhood of the traveling book- you might have to make a separate contest to qualify... :)

win ARC contest... creative writing contest- fake blog post about the most juicy gossip you can think of hearing in the bathroom at work, school, or wherever you spend your days???

Vicki Rocho said...

I hereby offer to do a mother-daughter review. My daughterling is 9 and I'm sure she's gonna love it.

I'm going to buy it anyhow (on my wishlist since the day I stumbled across it) if you should gift me with an ARC, I will donate the one I buy to her school so the other kidlings can enjoy it.

Think of the children. ;)

Candyland said...

Yay Rose! I def. want to read it but theres so many who want it, I 'spose I can wait (unless there's a contest for which I win).

Messy mommy said...

I would love to win an ARC. You can check out my other book reviews on my Messy Mommy blog as well as (under Jenny Rose) I have an 8yo I can preview it for.

Another contest idea would be to submit a possible sequel title and synopsis. A friend of mine (James R. Hannibal on FB) held a contest for weapon ideas for a character in his sequel. He is keeping track of who suggested which weapon first. He is currently in the 10 finalists stage and everyone is now helping him vote for their "favorite" to narrow down the top 10. The winner win a signed copy of his book (it's not an ARC, but one of the first 50 limited editions)

I'm so excited for you. It so makes me want to write so that someday I may published and have ARCs to give away!

Renae said...

Yay Rose! I'm so excited for you! I'm with Creepy Query Girl, posting countdowns on blogs is great exposure for your book! Fantastic picture by the way.

Clara said...

Countdowns seems a pretty good idea! And congrats on your book! =D
No matter what course you decide to take with the promotion, I'll be trying all my best to get a copy! =)