Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Operation Joy 2 the World: Contest for Ghana Charity

Today I have a guest blogger and she's a real person, not a cartoon-Yay! Candyland (aka Candace Ganger) is a YA author whose debut novel, 9:59 Rewind has yet to find an official home. She's just finished writing a YA Novel Writing for Beginner's course for KSURF online (that she'll also be teaching) and is in a constant state of Mommy brain, being a stay-at-home-mother of one very tenacious three-year-old princess. Today she's here to tell us about a fabulous contest she's running, with all proceeds going towards a very worthy charity.

So without further ado, here is Candyland explaining this terrific contest:

Today through July 31st, I'm running the "I Heart Joy Like BR80" contest on my blog, The Misadventures In Candyland. Inspired by New Medicine bassist, Matt Brady (hence the BR80), and his HUGE heart via his work with the non-profit Joy 2 the World, my goal is to raise as much money and awareness.

Joy 2 the World generates micro-loans for the women and girls of Ghana, West Africa to help empower them. It's a huge thing to be able to make something of yourself and take care of your family. And for them, having clean water is even an issue-something a lot of us take for granted.

With my contest, everyone wins and there's FOUR ways to enter: Donate, Create, Buy or Listen. For all the details, on what that means, please go to my blog!

The prizes so far are AMAZING. Aside from Rose's generous donation, Michelle Wolfson, Sean Ferrell, T.H. Mafi and Tawna Fenske just a few of the names contributing. I'll continue to add prizes as they come in, and the more you enter, the more you can win. From gift cards to books to critiques and even a conference call so far.

So please enter! Spread the word! And help make history! If you choose the BUY or the LISTEN options of entering, you don't come out empty handed, and the difference you'll be making in these women's lives is priceless.

Candace Ganger


Candyland said...

*Loves you and the flowers in your hair forever and ever*

beth said...

What a great project! Thanks for posting and spreading the word!

Matthew Rush said...

You people are awesome! Blogged about you both today.

Rose Cooper said...

Thanks!! All of you are awesome :)