Sunday, July 11, 2010

New Blog/Site Design!

I wanted to combine my blog and website and found the fabulous designer, Crissy who did just that for me, and she managed to make it look super fantastic (it matches my book exactly!) Crissy was really efficient and quick (her prices are so affordable!) and I loved how she communicated with me so well during the process to make sure I liked everything or wanted changes. I will definitely be going to her for any future services and would highly recommend her to any writer/author looking for a design change or new site. Thanks so much Crissy, you're the best!

You can visit Crissy here!


Molly Hall said...

It's adorable! I love it! So glad to know of a good web designer. Congrats, it looks really great.

Rose Cooper said...

Thanks so much, Molly!

Kimber said...

Congrats! The new design in fantabulous!