Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Intermission Post: Embarrassment

Okay, while I'm digging up pictures for my next post, this will be a brief intermission post. And what kind of thing could I briefly pull out of my hat and share? Yes, another embarrassing moment. I think i'm a sucker for punishment. Or maybe sympathy? Or maybe I just have so many of these moments that it's like a form of therapy.

Let me set the scene for you.

It's 11:30pm. I'm in a parking lot. It's dark outside. (aren't you glad I don't write books the way I blog?)

Hubby and I just left Safeway and we're heading back to the car. We're talking about something and just as we get to our car, another car pulls up next to us us and parks.

Me, I'm just blabbing away about nothing, not even paying attention to the fact that a car parked beside us. Or the fact that the car is the exactly the same as ours- a black Prius. The other car turns off the engine. The driver opens the door, gets out, and says to us....

"Hey, we have the same...."

She never completes her sentence, but I think she was going to mention that we were cool for having the same car.

The reason she never completed her sentence is because the moment she opened her mouth to talk, I freaked out, spun on my heels, looked directly at this young blonde girl, open my mouth, and screamed at the top. of. my. lungs.

I will never forget the look on that poor girls face. Her eyes were so wide from fright, her mouth made the "O" shape and she took off so fast, running towards the store, her one hope for safety, away from the crazy screaming girl with the matching Prius.

My husband laughed so hard. All the way home. I kept asking him, did I really scream that loud (my ears were ringing still). He told me my scream echoed through the entire parking lot and half way across town. He said if I ever tried out for a the part of a screaming girl in a horror movie, that I would get booked without a doubt.

Moral of this story: be careful who you approach at night in dark parking lots. Even if they do have the same car as you. And look sweet and innocent. And have fabulous hair. And terrific fashion sense. Because they might be a screamer.


Jen said...

Bahahaha oh my goodness I can just imagine me doing that and I know that I would have done the same thing!

The hubs told me the other day that I screamed like I was being murdered when I saw a tiny spider (I DON'T LIKE SPIDERS) and it happened to be while I was driving. He was sweet enough to pull over behind me and get rid of the bug, but later laughed and said that I would do well in one of those horror flicks.

I didn't realize it was a compliment until I was angry at him for saying it... it happens to the best of us!

Oh and I love the Moral of the story... I bet you have terrific fashion sense for sure!

Rose Cooper said...

How funny!! You can totally relate! okay, now image your fear of spiders replaced by a fear of moths. THAT'S ME!! Oh, I can count on my fingers and toes, and your fingers and toes the number of embarrassing moments there. And I scream in those too!

I had a moth in my car the other day while driving too! I swerved a few times before pulling over, then jumped out and ran circles around my car. I can't even imagine what the passerbys thought. You're so lucky you're hub was there to help you! Does he ever say you're being over dramatic? Mine does! Then I have him feel my heart ready to pop out of my chest and assure him, no over dramaticness here :)

Thanks!! :)