Thursday, July 22, 2010

Life After Published

Okay, so i'm not published yet. I will be as of 01-11-11. But i've gone through the publishing process with my first book and now i've started the process with  my second book (actually, i'm writing the second book and then the whole process will start again).  But I've always wondered how life changes after you're published. Looking back, I realize my life started changing after I signed with my agent. But even more so, I notice differences now.

1. I'm an email-aholic. Seriously. You think it's bad when you check your email every five seconds after sending out queries? It only gets worse. I fed into my addiction by getting an iPhone which immediately alerts me to emails. I'm totally joined at the hip with that thing.

2. I'm online all the time now. Most recently i've been focusing much more on my blog and web presence. Realizing you have a book coming out makes you understand the importance of having your name out there, and your book.

3. I'm a hermit. Any socializing I do is usually online. I don't like being around people much unless I have to. I love going to Panera or coffee shops to write, but again, not socializing. It's like i'm stuck in my own world and i'm writing. Twittering, blogging, okay. Just leave me in my cave. This is usally only when I have a deadline though. After deadlines i'm back to my normal outgoing, social self, screaming at strangers in dark parking lots and talking non-stop at art shows to the point of loosing my voice.

4. I think, dream, and eat writing. It totally consumes me. More than ever. If I'm not working on a deadline, i'm thinking of something new to write. I was passionate before, but now it's much more than ever. It's hard to put into words.

5. Never have I wanted to quit my full time day job as much. Sure we all have moments where we don't want to work (if you have a non-writing day job) but since I know i'm having my books published, it gives me that motivation so all I want to do is write all day long. When I'm at work I'll look forward to leaving just so I can write.

6. Less time with friends and family. This part is tough. I have to put aside special time to spend with my husband and boys. He usually watches the boys so I can write. Without him, there would be no writing time. My sons have learned to say "mommy is writing again." which is heartbreaking but also makes me want to work that much harder towards my deadline. It's also hard to turn down invites from my friends. It's always the same excuse, "sorry, I have to finish my book." I feel like a flake and it seems like they don't always get it. I think it is harder to understand when you're not a writer.

7. Groups of friends seem to change when you're status changes. When you're a beginner, you usually stick with that crowd. Same as when you're agented, published, etc. It seems as I move along the road to publication, I meet more incredible people along the way. I think it's so important to share what you know with writers just starting out because we were just there ourselves.

I think one of the biggest changes in myself along this journey has been the confidence that i've gained in myself and my writing. Of course you couldn't tell that by yesterdays post about my writers dream turned nightmare! But I think it's normal to still have anxiety and self-doubt at times.  

I can't wait to see what changes await me once my book is finally published. I know i'll be faced with a whole new set of challenges and I'm excited to see where that takes me. I will never forget how much hard work it took to get to this point and I'm grateful every single day for all the wonderful things that have come my way to make this dream come true.


Carolina Valdez Miller said...

I love this post. It's real. It's remarkable. It's scary and beautiful. And so very honest. Thanks for giving us a glimpse into your journey.

Candyland said...

Yay! I *love* you! I'm the same way when it comes to seeing people outside of the web. It terrifies me. I like being home.

Vicki Rocho said...

I *heart* this post! I'm with you on the socializing bit. I LIKE people and I usually have a great time when I go out with other humans, but left to my own devices I'd curl up in a writing shack somewhere and only come out for food.

TerryLynnJohnson said...

wonderful honest post. I'm also on the same journey and can so relate. Found your blog from Verla Kay. Hi Rose! New follower.

Rose Cooper said...

Thank you. I used to love when writers and authors when share their experiences. I love doing that now that I can. I'm definitely a curl-up- on-the-couch with-my-snuggie-and-laptop kinda girl :)

Hi Terry! welcome *waves* It's nice to know others who are going throught the same.

Ruth Donnelly said...

What would we do without coffee shops? They let you get out in the world and still focus on writing. Great post, and congrats on your upcoming book!

Cate Gardner said...

I put down my lack of success to having never written in a coffee shop. Must fix that.

Janet Johnson said...

Congrats on getting published! So awesome. It's such a long, constantly changing road, this whole publishing thing, isn't it? It's nice to share it with others who understand. :)