Monday, July 19, 2010

Gossip, Rumors, & Super Secret Spies

Gossip and Rumors go together. Kind of like a cell phone and texting. Or pickles and ice cream.

I think no matter how old you are, you tend to do a little of both, even if you try to stay away from it. But sometimes it's more fun to be on the receiving end (that's how I get inspiration sometimes!)

Okay, so come clean. What's the worst/most interesting thing you've overheard? Maybe you "accidentally" overheard like my character Sofia in Gosisp from the Girls room, or you sent in a super secret spy to do the dirty work for you. Maybe you're cubicle walls are too thin or people just talk overly loud around your way too sensitive ears. Whatever the reason, I'm sure you've heard ome good stuff. Just don't list any names. Everyone here is called Bob so if you need to refer to a person, it's Bob.

So here's your chance to 'fess up and have that heavy weight lifted from your shoulders. And bonus points for creativity!

Here, I'll start. I heard Bob in the girls room on her cellphone (who talks on their phone while in the stall in a public restroom???)  talking about fighting someone at a club because they looked at her the wrong way. When Bob came out of the stall, I made sure not to make any eye contact with her. At all.

Your turn!

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Vicki Rocho said...

OMG, I hear things all the time. But I'm drawing a blank. Ok, there was this girl at the gym. She's still in high school and would spend more time texting/talking on the phone than exercising. Anyway, she was plotting with someone else on getting some guy to try on girls underwear AT THE STORE and take pictures of it. Unclear whether a 3rd party would take pics or he'd do it with his cell phone.

I'm sure there has been other gossip: who is cheating on their BF/GF, who got in a fight, who snuck out, who had a pregnancy scare.

My girlfriend and I used to make up outlandish tales whenever we thought someone was listening in. hahahaha.

Jen said...

Okay how super fun is this!!! All of us girls have heard some really juicy things in the girls room... that's why I am so in love with the premise of your story!!!

Hmm let's see, what to choose, what to choose... Oh, oh! I know! I know!

Once there was a girl who shared with her friend over the phone in the bathroom that her boyfriend Bob got some other girl knocked up and he still wanted to be with the girl in the bathroom but also wanted to be with the baby mama... Messed up huh???

Casey said...

So my friend Bob likes this guy named Bobby and she was talking really loud so everyone heard her because she always talks super loud. Whoa, that was... not grammatically correct. xD

Amie B said...

hmmm...i don't have any gossip. does that mean i'm not cool?