Wednesday, July 14, 2010

My Personal Poltergeist

I have a poltergeist. And it lives in my laptop. Lets just call him Mac for now. Yesterday Mac made it pretty clear that I should NOT be working on my book. And then I made it pretty clear that I wanted to throw my laptop through the window. Except I would have to buy a new one and, well, that costs money.

So the first thing that Mac did to frustrate me was this. I’m happily typing away, thinking I’m actually getting a lot done and the moment I stop typing, POOF! My entire ms is completely reformated. How? It wasn’t me. I did not touch a single button and this happened right in front of my eyes . In about five seconds flat. And by reformating, I mean it shifted everything so far over to the right side of the page that my word doc now hows 20 extra pages. I try to click the “undo” button but it. Doesn’t. Work. So I try the next easy solution, just shift everything back over. Nope. All the sentences run into each other when I try, the paragraphs will not indent no matter what I do (I can’t use the space bar, tab, not even backspace).


So I reboot my computer.

And it freezes.

Mac so doesn’t want me to even write. So I decide I’ll just handwrite the rest of my story in my sketchbook like I do sometimes. But guess what? My sketchbook isn’t in my bag. It’s always in my bag! So I’m still waiting for my laptop to reboot. And no sketchbook. So I HAVE to do something while I wait. So I take my iPhone out which has internet connection since I’m in a wi-fi cafĂ©, but everytime I go into the app for twitter or facebook, it kicks me out. It’s not the internet that’s doing it, it’s the app. Which has never happened to me before. EVER. So I turn my off to reset.

Waiting for computer to restart.

No sketchbook.

Waiting for iPhone to restart.

Tapping fingers on the table.

I really despise my poltergeist. He’s not spooky and hair-raising but more like frustrating and hair-pulling. And loves all things technology. I never did get my laptop to work properly. It will most likely take me an hour or two to reformat my entire ms, and my iPhone only started working correctly this morning. And I’m on a deadline. August 1st.

Does anyone have any poltergeist friends that can keep mine busy until at least after my deadline?


Crissy said...

How awful (yet funny)!!!!

Amie B said...

at least he's not a shopping cart throwing cans at unsuspecting toes!

Anonymous said...

Wow! That is so funny....maybe you need to take a break and play a game for him. :)

Good luck! - Shannon E.

Candyland said...

OMG my computer does freaky crap like that too. It almost always decides when and where it will be double or single spaced and nothing fixes it:/

Vicki Rocho said...

Time for a virus scan maybe? Just to be safe?

I have this theory...and you can call me a crackpot if you want (I don't mind). We all have electromagnetic fields around us, right? I believe that when under stress (either good or bad) that these fields get stronger and can interfere with other electronic devices.

I can't tell you how many times computers/printers/scanners decided to go haywire when I was on a deadline at work.

Okay, you can laugh at me now...and go ahead and send your poltergeist friends over. I'll keep 'em in the kids' closet.

Lenny said...

hi miss rose! sounds like a technogeist is on the loose in your computer. ha ha. the doc (thats me) says the best cure is stop what youre doing and go get a big treat just for you. maybe a big scrumptulicious ice cream cone. :) that geisty guy will get mad cause you stopped giving all that attention and he'll go mess with someone elses computer.
...smiles from lenny

Carrie Harris said...

I suggest getting some ice cream and giving it to your computer. Bribery always works. Poltergeists like ice cream, right? ;)

Good luck with that deadline! Got to go attempt to meet mine too!

Rose Cooper said...

Crissy-It was awful when it happened. Then funny afterwards. Then awful again when it took me over an hour to fix everything!

Amie-I know! It could've been so much worse! Your poltergeist is very mean!

Shannon- haha, if it weren't for the fact that he froze my entire laptop after the face, I might have considered :)

Candyland-Exactly! Mac must have a big family!

Vicki-I'm not going to call you a crackpot! If i'm laughing at anything it's because you said I could call you that! I do believe stuff like that. I can't wear watches for that reason. Everytime i've tried, they stop working. Once I take them off, they work. It's happened to me since I was a kid. And now that you mention it--when I was on a deadline with my book illus, my scanner went crazy at that exact moment and almost made me miss my deadline. It's brand new too. That also happened another time with my scanner at the exact moment I needed it for an art show and I wasn't able to print. Hmmm...Now i'm really wondering...

Hi Lenny! I love your advice and ice cream definitely sounds great with this triple digit heat we've been having. Next time he messes with me, I'll do just that and ignore him :)

Carrie-good suggestion, but do they clean up after themselves? haha

Thanks! Deadlines are always the most stressful right towards the end too. Good luck with yours!

Lydia Kang said...

How awful! I had a laptop poltergeist but it was in my old PC. Got possessed quite frequently. Now my Mac (yep, same name, but different temperament) behaves quite nicely. No ghosts in the machine here.
Thanks for following my blog!

Casey said...

... Mac, you say? Was this perhaps a Mac laptop? Because I hate those xD Apple products are fails. So that should explain your predicament.