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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Sofia's Blogtastic! Blog

Sofia’s blog is officially up and running! Thanks to the wonderful Crissy who never ceases to amaze me! So everyone should visit Sofia and send their tweens too (even though really, my blog is better). Although I do have to admit she is having the most awesome contest.

How Awesome?

Bacon in a bottle awesome?

No, think bigger.

The Survival of Zombies awesome?

No, even bigger.

Like the awesomeness of being in a book with Sofia!

You can’t enter till tomorrow, but you can check out the details today either on the sidebar or under “super secret stuff.”

Sofia loves comments and emails, and she’s always open to suggestions if you want her to post anything specific or add something to her site. She’s a real people pleaser. Especially if you have lots of friends and she can gain popularity points just by associating with you.


Jillian said...

hopping over now!!

Unknown said...

BLOGGER JUST ATE MY COMMENT! It was a good one too! It had stalking, sparkles, candy...

Okay so mostly stalking.

I just say Congrats, Sofia's blog rocks my socks off. Truly amazing, colors and all. Crissy out did herself again. I saw my review and Halli's as well, looks like you are already snagging a fan base!


Serena said...

will be taking a little look. Just wanted to let you know that i went to vist Mary Kings close. I mentioned it in a comment about your ghost hunt. check out what i found on my vist.

The covers looking great!! lots of hugs x

Casey said...

Err, Rose? Uh, Sofia's blog won't let me follow D: 'Cuz there's no followers tab, and also when you try and do the Atom subscribe, you just get a bunch of HTML.

Other than that, Sofia's blog is AMAZING! And when you're the number one bestselling children's author, I can say I was one of your first fifty followers on your blog and I won runner-up on one of your contests :-)

Angela Ackerman said...

Such a tease, showing me Bacon in a squeeze bottle. If only there WERE SUCH A THING, my life might be complete. You know, because I already have the zombie survival guide. :)

Angela @ The Bookshelf Muse

Vicki Rocho said...

Bacon in a bottle? Ewww. I'm a bit of a traditionalist when it comes to my bacon. LOL.

Hoppin over to see Miss Sofia now

vic caswell said...

congrats on getting it up and running! i wish i knew some tween girls to send your way! :)