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Tuesday, April 20, 2010


I can officially show off the cover of my book, Gossip from the Girls' Room, A Blogtastic Novel.  It will be out in 2011 (probably January) and I was lucky enough to be able to do all the inside illustrations for this book as well.  I will post a blurb about it soon!!!

Out of Excuses

I've just discovered the best thing ever--I can update my blog from my phone! This is mainly the reason why I Tweet and Facebook so much and why my blog has been lacking in the post department. It's so easy to just text 160 characters to Twitter and it automatically updates to FB and then MySpace (yes, i still  have one of those too). But it takes so much more time to sit down at a computer, go to a specific site, pull up the page and stare at a blank box and figure out what to type now. It can be intimidating because you feel like you have a lot of white space to fill. But really, posts can be short too. So much has been going so I really intend to keep this updated often, and since I can do it by phone now, what excuse do I have, right?

More Later!