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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Book Release Party!

12 days. That's how long until my book, GOSSIP FROM THE GIRLS' ROOM,
is released!

So to celebrate, I will have a Blog Book Release Party (with giveaways!) on January 11th.
I will still be doing my blog book tour, so if anyone would like to participate (if we haven't talked already) please let me know!!

Have a Happy New Year!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

REVIEWS: The Good AND The Bad

No matter how many times you tell yourself not everyone will like your book, it still doesn't prepare you for when you see it in print. GOSSIP was recently reviewed by both Kirkus and Publishers Weekly. I'm very happy to say that the Kirkus review is awesome. I was thrilled when I read it! With Publishers Weekly, well, it was very much the opposite. But how fair would it be if I only posted the good review here? With the good, comes the bad. Unfortunately. And yes, I know, I need to get thicker skin. I'm sure there will be many bumpy roads ahead.

Kirkus Review
Aspiring blogger Sofia longs to make it big within her school’s blogosphere, thereby improving her “popularity meter” rating. The sixth-grade sleuth spends her time lurking in the farthest stalls of the girls’ room, eavesdropping in her quest for the latest scoop, and is not above an occasional snide online remark about her arch-nemesis, Mia St. Claire. Sofia’s “pre-blogging journal” covers one tumultuous month as she navigates the rough waters of social status, the monotony of Life Science class and the ultimate embarrassment of her mother’s new position as the substitute Spanish teacher at her school. When faced with the biggest news of her career, Sofia must decide how far she is willing to go in her pursuit of popularity. Cooper keenly captures Sofia’s quintessential preteen voice: spunky and full of a blustering bravado meant to mask her vulnerability. Sofia’s experiences, recorded in faux–hand printing on lined paper, and the many hilarious sketches scattered throughout the journal will garner groans and laughs from readers. (Fiction. 9-13)

Publishers Weekly
The first book in debut author Cooper's Blogtastic! series is structured as the "Pre-Blogging Notebook" of sixth-grader Sofia Becker, a gossip collector with a hyperactive imagination. Printed on faux lined paper and decorated with Sophia's stick-figure doodles, the story follows Sofia as she gathers fodder for her anonymous blog by hiding out and eavesdropping at school ("I have very genius-like planned my schedule around being super-discreet in the girls' room, the cafeteria, and other gossip-infested places, every chance I get"). The main drama involves Sofia's obsession with popularity, her suspicion that popular Mia St. Claire is stealing her crush, and her feeble attempts at matchmaking. Readers will quickly get that it's Sofia, not Mia, who is the raging egomaniac, and Sofia learns the expected lessons (mostly) that come with making assumptions and trashing one's peers. Both in format and in its morality-challenged protagonist, this book aims for a Wimpy Kid vibe, but Sofia's cartoons add little, her tone grates, and her personality is one-note--Cooper never really gets inside the heads of her characters, Sofia included. Ages 10–up. (Jan.)

Friday, December 3, 2010


I have just put up holiday cards in my Etsy Shop. There are four to choose from...each are prints from an original artwork pieces (one is a Blogtastic character!) and are $1.75 each, w/envelopes. I'll send out immediately upon ordering to ensure you get them in plenty of  time for the holidays.

Anyone who's in the Sacramento area, there will be craft fair tomorrow at Cowan Fundamental school. I will be there selling my art. 15% of all sales goes to the school. There will also be activities for the kids, live music, food, and a gift wrapping center. Come out and support the school if you're in the area. 10am-3pm.

Have a fabulous weekend!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Copy Edit Confusion

The first time I ever had to do copy edits on my manuscript (the next part after revisions), my reaction was something like this:

Just to clarify, this isn't actually me.

So after reading past the first page and seeing marks in different colors of pencil and symbols that looked totally foreign to me, my expression changed to this:

Still, not  me
Then i realized my editor sent me a key to decipher all the symbols, as well as instructions. Who knew it would be so confusing? Not me.

For any author who's published a book, you know what I'm talking about. If you haven't reached that stretch of your journey yet, here's an example of what some of the symbols mean:

So, imagine seeing your manuscript marked up with (in my case) tons of these symbols, along with notes in the margins. Some telling me what to change, other marks telling me not to pay attention to the previous comments.

So this week i'm finishing up with round 1 of revisions for RUMORS and soon after I'll have copyedits to do. And you better believe i'll need a refresher on all of this since it's been a year already!

What stage of the writing process are you currently in and have you learned anything new?

PS- leave a comment on Sofia's blog to enter and win "Sofia & Sam Sam Holiday Cards." Today is the last day to enter!