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Monday, September 27, 2010

Sac Horror & Sci-Fi

What a weekend! First, the art aspect of it. Frustrating. Me and two of my art friends shared a table. For the first time ever, I went through an entire event without selling one. single. piece. I had everything from the hanging art dolls (which i've posted on here) to prints, originals, framed prints,and sculpted minatures. I'm kicking myself for not having the "little" things that I usually bring such as booksmarks and magnets of all my drawings which are really cheap to buy and usually draws people in. Either way, I lost money. I only have two more art shows this year, I've cut way back because of book deadlines, so I think i'll open an etsy shop.

On the show aspect of it, I had a blast. I met so many incredible people. It was worth going this weekend just for that. The other vendors, visitors, the celebrities, it was so much fun. I have a ton of pictures I'll be putting up tomorrow and this week. I just happened to get snap some shots of people holding up my book (like The Repo Man) that's how awesome they were!

Among some of the people I met, Derrick Mears (the actor who plays Jason in Friday the 13th-He is so down to earth and nice!!), Ashley Palmer (Actress in Paranormal Activity-she is every bit as lovely in person!), and Ed Gale (He was the actual person inside the Chucky Doll-did you know there was a person in there?).

So pictures to come tomorrow and hopefully my etsy shop will open by the end of this week if anyone is interested in artwork or prints!


Jillian said...

sorry about the lack of sales. But just keep smiling... you have lots of other great things going on right now!!!!

Unknown said...

I had no idea there was anyone inside the chuckie doll, that explains the picture you added, which I have to say was at first was creepy but not I'm analyzing someone in there. Hmmm, how crazy!

Wow, got to meet Jason?? That's freaky deaky!

Good luck with the paintings, I'm sure the etsy shop can help! I've never used one but my sister and a bunch of my other blog friends do and they love it!

Melissa said...

There was someone inside the chuckie doll???? WHAT! I'm actually kind of shocked. I would have been so creeped out to meet him - chuckie gave me nightmares.

Sounds like you had a blast, despite the lack of sales - sorry about that by the way.

Amie Borst said...

i'm so sorry you didn't sell anything. that stinks! if i were there i would have bought something!

Shannon O'Donnell said...

Hi, Rose! I saw your little Chucky picture on Lenny's sidebar and had to come check it out. :-)

Rose Cooper said...

Thanks, Teenage Bride! Once I realized I wasn't selling, I had my ARC there so I started promoting like crazy and I focused on that :)

Jen-Thanks! Chucky suprised me too! You gotta read my post tomorrow with the deets!

Melissa- awww, thanks :) I know, I was totally shocked too. And guy who was inside the Chucky doll was also Howard the Duck, among many other movies. I had my pic taken with Ed Gale so be sure to check out my post tomorrow! He was so little and cute I wanted to put him in my pocket!!

Hi Shannon! Thanks so much for stopping by!

Brenda Drake said...

When those Chucky movies first came out I had all kinds of nightmares about the little dude. Creepy that some guy was inside him.

Sorry you didn't sell anything, but at least you came away with some stories. :D

Casey said...

But, hey! Chuckie, you know? Big picture. xD