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Monday, October 3, 2011

DIVA contest! YOU pick the winner!

The Doodle Diva contest continues! Thank you for all the entries! I received a total of 35, from here and on my FB page from those who had trouble leaving comments.  I've narrowed it down to a handful that you guys will vote on! I left out who submitted what on purpose, so that the voting will be fair.  Voting ends Wednesday at Midnight because the winning entry will have to get ready for the art show this weekend!

Which DIVA saying do you like best for her "sign?"
Honk once if you like this pose. Honk twice if you see me blink.
Does this purse make my hat look fat?"
I'm not staring at YOU...I'm staring at the shopping mall BEHIND you.
If I'd just bought the purse, the hat would have been lonely. So I had to buy them both. It was the
Is that chocolate on your face... or do i just need a snack?
My friends call me Prima. You can call me Ms. Donna
Lost in thought back in ten minutes.
Im confused...is this a handbag or a purse?
Okay Professor, Ill explain this one more time, Pi arent square. Cake are square pi are round.
What part of Diva do you not understand?
What part of blonde do you not understand?
Wow, note to self...next time DO NOT make the hat out of LEAD

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