Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Research Much?

Do you write about subjects you already know? Or do you research? They always say, write what you know. Not sure who "they" is, but it makes sense, right? I've written two stories based on experiences, and research. And the best kind of research is hands on! You might remember from last year how I went on a real live ghost hunt for a supernatural sotry I was writing. Well, for GOSSIP FROM THE GIRLS' ROOM, I did a little hands on reasearch too. What did I do?

For day three of the Blogtastic Book Tour, Vicki Rocho (Thanks, Vicki!) has posted all about it (and maybe a picture too)!

So head on over to her fabulous blog, Rambles & Randomness..Now, don't make me repeat myself!

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LTM said...

for my current book going out, I actually did have to research b/c I've never done historical writing and I wasn't completely up on the period. But it's also filled with situations I know. So what? 50-50?

heading over to Vicki's! whee~

salarsenッ said...

A writer can write about anything; just make sure you have some sort of a clue about the subject. Creative license can take us only so far. lol I definitely have done research on the three manuscripts I've written. It's also fun learning new things.

Your blog tour is fabulous, BTW. Happy for you!

Amie B said...

Yay! Off to check it out now!

Sharon K. Mayhew said...

I'm writing a hf and I'm doing a lot of research. My research involves reading and interviewing. I've been to some of the places in the book, but would like to take another trip.

I hopped over thanks to Vicki suggesting it. :) Love your blog format....

Matthew MacNish said...

I had to research just about every other chapter. They were all topics I knew about, and loved, but I wanted to go deeper, to the next level, for authenticity's sake.