Saturday, April 16, 2011

Blog Tour Schedule

The blog tour schedule is below (and posted in my blog sidebar). Please feel free to help promote and post this on your blog or sidebar. Be sure to check out my blog on these days too, as I will have additional things to share, contests, and more!

Monday, April 18th: The Misadventures in Candyland 
She will have super secret info to dish on me. And a super secret picture!
Tuesday, April 19th: The Quintessentially Questionable Query Experiment
Find out how the illustration process works and see (exclusively!) illustrations cut from Gossip From The Girls' Room!
Wednesday, April 20th: Rambles & Randomness
A way fun interview and a image of how I did my research for Gossip (never before seen!) And win a copy of GOSSIP!
Thursday, April 21st:  Unedited
See the graphic evolution of Sofia Becker from Gossip. What? She had other looks? Wait till you see!

Friday, April 22nd: Talli Roland
What's the most embarrassing question I get asked? And seen before drawings from my childhood (yikes!)

Saturday, April 23rd: Booking Mama
Did you get teased or bullied as a kid? I did! Find out what about!

Monday, April 25th: Random Acts of Reading
Omigosh! Did I really send a query to Random House when I was a kid? Visit to find out!

Tuesday, April 26th: Amie Borst
A way humorous Q&A session and revealing book covers, including the new cover for RUMORS! Plus, awesome giveaway!


Anonymous said...

Have a fantastic blog tour!

I was supposed to get your ebook this month, but on Amazon the date was bumped to May.

Rose Cooper said...

Thanks, Medeia!

Yeah, I've noticed the date has changed THREE times! I really hope it sticks this time.