Thursday, April 21, 2011

Graphic Evolution of GOSSIP

Day four of this Blogtastic Blog Tour goes to Jen Daiker at Unedited. Her post is totally cool. She is going to show you the Graphic Evolution of my MC , Sofia, from GOSSIP FROM THE GIRLS' ROOM!

While I have your attention, I htought it would be fun to show you the graphic evolution of two other characters from the book, the BFF, Nona, and the crush, Andrew.

NONA BEFORE- She was "too" cartoony


NONA AFTER-less cartoony, more graphic. And,a noticeably larger head!

These were other Andrew "possibilites" but they just didn't seem right.
And the first one here was too cartoony as well.

The original Andrew ended up being the final Andrew.

I make e a point of never showing his eyes.

So if you haven't already, check at Jen's blog and see what Sofia could have looked like!

Which do you prefer?

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Wednesday, April 20th: Rambles & Randomness
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Thursday, April 21st:  Unedited
See the graphic evolution of Sofia Becker from Gossip. What? She had other looks? Wait till you see!

Friday, April 22nd: Talli Roland
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Saturday, April 23rd: Booking Mama
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Monday, April 25th: Random Acts of Reading
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Tuesday, April 26th: Amie Borst
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Jen Daiker said...

Loved having you on the blog! Too much fun getting to see what all the characters COULD have looked like!!!

Why is it we never see his eyes?!

Vicki Rocho said...

LOVED watching the visual evolution of these characters. And I love the "mystery" that is Andrew!

Teenage Bride said...

love your post today at Unedited.

Renae said...

Loved your post on Jen's blog today!

Amie B said...

*she has a big head*


Karen Lange said...

Hopped over from Talli's. Great interview. :) Will try and scoot over to Jen's now. Have a great weekend!

LTM said...

I think I like the more graphic Nona. But the cartoonie one's cute, too. I don't know! But I think they're awesome, and I love how it all turned out. Headed to Jen's--woo~ :D

Matthew MacNish said...

Crap! I missed Talli's, I'l have to check it out.

Anita said...

I like the way you have her now! She looks a little like a much younger me, actually. Hah! :)

Anonymous said...

hi, thanks for the follow.
i hope you'll be sending some zombies too!!???