Thursday, April 14, 2011

Blogtastically Bloggy Plans

The awesomeness of what is called my Blog Tour is scheduled April 18th-April 26th. Each blog participant will be doing a "unique" post, so you'll be able to read everything from Sofia evolution and original images in GOSSIP that were cut, to the annoucement of new book covers, illustrations from my childhood days (ha!), and even some super secrets and a new website! Plus, lots of giveaways! I'll be posting the schedule on here soon, so mark your calendars! Seriously, do it.

In other news...

GOSSIP went into it's 4th printing a few weeks ago. Yeah, I was stunned too. Happily stunned.

SOFIA will be adding some new features on her Blogtastic! blog which will include character interviews. So if you have a fictional character and think you can stand the challenge of Sofia's questions, then let me know!

AMIE Borst (who doesn't know this fabulous girl?) and I have decided to stir up a little (creative) trouble together and have an ubertastic annoucement next week! And there might be a giveaway involved. Just sayin'.

So, what are your upcoming bloggy plans (you know, besides my blog tour :)?


Amie B said...

yay, yay, yay!! can't wait for our big announcement! it's going to be beyond uber cool!

Candyland said...

I think I'm scheduled to host your tour on the 18th but I've not heard back from your publicist after the initial interaction :/

Casey said...

Whoa, big announcement? Wait, I'm pretty sure I know what it is. Yeah. Awesome. xD Can't wait for your blog tour!!

Lauren said...

Candy--emailed you today! The tour would not be blogtastic without you to kick it off.

Rose Cooper said...

Amie-I'm super excited and we can't forget about the giveaway!

Candyland-Thanks so much for particiating in the blog tour. You're awesome. You too, Amie!

Casey-Yay! will be super fun!

Lauren-Thanks for be so super speedy with everything :)