Friday, October 22, 2010

Halloween Costume Ideas on a Budget Part 2

If you missed last weeks, Halloween Costume Ideas on a Budget Part 1, be sure to check that out for more ideas!
Or go as THE all American family.
1.) Get a bunch of Barbie dolls and a black sweat suit. Attach the dolls randomly all over the sweat suit. You're a babe magnet.

2.) Get a medium sized box. Cut a hole at the bottom for your head, and a large, square opening in the front. Put pipe cleaners as antennas and glue soda bottle caps on as knobs. Put it over your head and wear all black. You're a TV announcer.

3) Wear a black sweat suit and randomly attach single socks all over your clothes. You're the sock thief from the dryer.

Anyone got a large
pair of tweezers for this
4) Get some yellow yarn and brown pom-poms. Glue them all over an old sweat suit. Put an old colander over your head as a hat. Go as spaghetti and meat balls.

5) Wear a clown costume top and paint your face. Get a large box and paint it a bright color. Make a hole for your waist and put it on as if the bottom of a skirt. Go as a jack-in-the-box.

6) Glue a bunch of newspapers to old clothes. Go as paper mache in progress.

7) Get a bunch of small, single-serving sized cereal boxes. Glue them all over some old clothes and bring a big, rubber knife. Go as a cereal killer.

8) Paint your car or bicycle tires with black paint. Lay old clothes front-down on the street and drive over them. Let them dry, put them on and go as road kill.

iPods are pet portable now.
9) Tie a sneaker to the top of your head, wear all pink and paint your face pink. Go as a piece of gum.

10) Get two large pieces of foam and strap them to your shoulders so one hangs in front, the other in back. Stuff some lettuce leaves coming out of them (or green felt), and on the underside of one glue a big, round, red or brown piece of felt that sticks out of the sides. Go as a sandwich.

11) Get a round piece of cardboard and cut a hole in the center of it. Get a large foil tray and cut a hole in it, as well as a table cloth with a hole in it. Put the cardboard over your head, then the table cloth so it hangs over your body, then the tray. Place lettuce leaves coming out from around the neck hole. You're a head on a platter.

12) Wear a raggedy old pair of shorts and t-shirt, and go unshaven if your a man. Mess your hair up. Get a garden tiki torch from the party supply store. Go as a recent loser from Survivor. You've been voted off the island. Remember to extinguish your torch.

13) Dress as a dog and put a cardboard cone around your neck to keep you from scratching for fleas.

Yes! That's it! Totally ham it up!
14) Glue cotton all over a light blue outfit and carry a water gun to squirt people. You're a rain cloud.

15) Cut out a cardboard shape like a surf board and cover it with fake spider webs. You're a web surfer.

16) Dress in a business suit and carry around a big jar filled half way up with thumb tacks. Go as the "tacks collector."

17) Get a rubber pig's nose and wrap yourself in a blanket. Go as a pig in a blanket.

18) Get a bag of moss from the craft store's floral isle. Glue it all over some old clothes and hat and go as a chia pet. Cha Cha Cha Chia.

19) Dress like a cat; carry a black bag stuffed with fake jewels overflowing. You're a cat burglar.

Can you tell me how to get...ah, who am I
kidding? I don't want to get anywhere
near these guys!
20)Attach gum wrappers, small pieces of pink clay to represent gum, soda cups and popcorn bags and a few kernels of popcorn to a black sweat suit, and go as a theater floor.

'Fess up! Okay, one time for halloween I dressed up in all Christmas stuff-Christmas shirt, Christmas Jewelry, Christmas socks, Christmas headband, Christmas EVERYTHING! Can you guess what I was? I was a blonde! get it? I got the holidays mixed up? er, yeah. Okay.

Your turn! What was your best/worst Homemade Halloween costume?


Candyland said...

My dude bff was going to wear a polo with the collar up, spike his hair and wear a visor and go as a "dbag"

Jen Daiker said...

Bahahaha!!! Some of these were creepy looking (Yeah I'm talking to you Simpsons) and others were hilariou (I think I peed a little!)

LMAO Candyland your dude bff is hilarious!!! I'm picturing it now! He needs a name tag that says dbag though! Then it's complete.

Mary said...

These are clever and hilarious!

Melissa said...

These are fantastic ideas!!! The dog ipod sorta creeped me out though.

Casey said...

Hey, I'm blonde... you makin' fun of me?! xD

Faith E. Hough said...

Lol ;) I like the gum idea.
My costumes are too boring for words. Every year I try to have a great idea...but don't. Now that I have a kid, though...I think I'm going to dress her up as a marionette and parade around as her puppeteer. This will be the only time she isn't able to run away and drive me distracted. :)

Amie B said...

#7 is the one i said the other day! it's the best costume ever!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Those are great! I liked the gum best, too.

Amie Kaufman said...

I love these! My favourite costume memory is the time my sister was determined to go as a ghost, but mum wouldn't let her cut holes in any of the sheets. She just wandered down the street bumping into things and wailing for somebody to tell her where we all were every so often. From my point of view as her eight year old big sister, it was extremely satisfying.

LReneeS said...

Hilarious. Loved the picture of the dog and the ipod. lmao

LReneeS said...

You're invited to read about the magic.
Hope to see you there and if there's any way you can help me spread the word I'd be forever grateful.

Janet Johnson said...

As always, great ideas! ;) Love the Burt and Ernie, but yeah, a little creepy.

I posted about mine the other day: gum on the bottom of a shoe. Very fun and easy costume. Pink sweats and a sneaker hat (we used slipper sneakers).

Teenage Bride said...

you never fail to provide me with a lauh!!!!! Brilliant that you are!