Friday, October 29, 2010

Great News, Horrible Jokes

Fantastic, awesome, terrific news! Wanna guess? Okay, go ahead. Guess.

*arms crossed, tapping foot*

I'm waiting.

Okay, lemme just tell you. GOSSIP FROM THE GIRLS' ROOM, A Blogtastic! Novel just got picked up by a fourth country! That's right! It's going to Portugal. And it will be published by the same Portuguese publisher as Suzanne Collins. How awesome is that?

The Repo Man thinks it's Awesomely Excellent!

If I hadn't been so sick lately (yes, that's why i've been M.I.A.) I would be doing my usual happy dance.

Last Saturday I did my art show in Pt. Richmond. It was a lot of fun until we stuck in a down pour and had to pack up early. Later that night is when I started feeling sick and I'm waiting to feel better still.  I did make several sales at the art event though, one of them included my art doll, Lilith. My first and favorite. It was so hard to part with her!

And now *drum roll* for the worst joke in the history of jokes. Ever.

This guy goes to a Halloween party with a girl on his back.
"What on earth are you?" asks the host.
"I'm a snail," says the guy.
"But... you have a girl on your back," replies the host.
"Yeah, he says, "that's Michelle!"

I bet you'll have to sit there and think about it for a minute before you even understand it. THAT'S how bad it is!

The zombies didn't get it either. Neither did I at first. This
is our "Huh, what?!" face.

Happy Halloween!


Dawn said...

That's great news! I found out about your blog - and work - from Candy's site and put in a GIANT order to my husband from your Etsy shop. So excited.

Lenny Lee! said...

hi miss rose! WOW portugal! how cool is that! i could see you doing that happy dance for sure. that snail joke got me laughing so hard. ha ha. nice zombies! sorry you got feeling sick. i hope you get better real soon. have a real nice weekend.
...happy halloween hugs from lenny

Melissa said...

Great news about the art show!

Sorry your feeling sick though.

Also.... I waited, but I still don't get the joke...

Teenage Bride said...


I don't get it

Candyland said...

Congrats girl! And if someone ever tells me that joke, I will punch them in the ear.

Kerri C at CK Farm said...

Congrats, very cool!

Jen Daiker said...

Don't get the joke and I'm probably glad I don't. I'm going to tell it to my husband tonight and see if he can explain it, lol. He's good like that!

I love the Zombies!!!! How perfect!!!


Janet Johnson said...

Wow, it did take me a while. But at least I got it!

Congrats on the 4th country. :)

Mary said...

Was missing you--hope you're doing better.

Anonymous said...

Congrats and happy Halloween!

The Golden Eagle said...


I got the joke pretty fast, actually. LOL.