Thursday, October 7, 2010

Artistically Speaking

I departed with two more pieces of art, and I'm absolutely thrilled. Many of you know Crissy as the best website designer. Ever. She designed my site, Sofia's site, Amie's site (to name a few). And with Sofia's site, an art exchange was part of the deal.

My heart melted when Crissy told me the art pieces would be for her baby girl. She sent me an pic of her baby, Reagan, with the pieces. It seems that Reagan is a budding artist herself. She didn't want to let go of the pens for this picture. How cute is she?!

Left: "Head in the Clouds" Right "Hug"
Both done on beveled wood, using charcoal
and prisma color

Coming soon, more art news to share!


Mary said...

All three works of art are beautiful.

Did you pick up your award at my blog on Tuesday?

Teenage Bride said...

that picture is so sweet

Slamdunk said...


Crissy said...

We love the artwork! I think I got the better deal in the exchange! I can't wait until my baby girl is older and I can explain to her how she got her lovely art pieces!!!

BTW, I am halfway done with your book. It is such a fun read!

Jennie Bailey said...

She is SO adorable! I love that she wouldn't drop the pens for the picture. Those art pieces are amazing. I don't know if I'm more jeaouls of Crissy for getting to read your book already or Reagan for the art. :-)

Amie B said...

lovely child, beautiful art!

Melissa said...

The art is fantastic and Reagan is frigin adorable. Its so cute. I sighed.

Amie Kaufman said...

What a cutie, and I love what she's holding--all of it!