Monday, March 17, 2014

EMS 2nd Period: Bubbles

Character and story collaboration by the creative minds of
 Enterprise Middle School's 2nd Period art class. Read about the activity HERE!

Bubbles had goals in life. Actually, one goal to be exact. And that was to become the world's greatest clown. As a kid, he was always the class clown. Making people laugh was his speciality, whether they were laughing with him or at him. He knew he had to take advantage of this talent and of course, becoming a clown was the way to do just that.

Although he was born with the name Zitch, which was almost as funny as he was, he still went on to change his name to Bubbles once he entered his dream school...Clown University. But quickly, things went from good to terrible.

Bubbles attended too many clown parties and stayed up all hours of the night, too exhausted to ever study for his classes. His chuckles became too weak, his grades became laughable (the bad kind), and his attempts at being funny were epic failures. And then he flunked the Clown Exam and was booted from school.

Although Bubbles had failed, he still was determined to make it as the worlds greatest clown. He went to many, many, many job interviews, hoping that someone---anyone--would see he was destined for a laughable future and give him the chance.

They never did.

With his head hung low, his shoulders hunched, and his big red shoes shuffling awkwardly down the street, he made his way to one last interview. His stomach fluttered with nervous butterflies and growled as it demanded food. Bubbles made a stop at Walmart to grab a quick snack.

He couldn't be late for the interview, so Bubbles hastily sped down the isles, nearly tripping over his clunky shoes, and grabbed the first item he saw---a block of cheese.

He left the store, tearing off the wrapper and shoved the block of cheese in his mouth, not paying any attention to how the cheese actually tasted, or that the wrapper had said "soap."

For his interview, he had to shoot out of a human cannon. "No problem," said Bubbles as he waved his hand dismissively. "I've got this."


Bubbles blasted from the cannon and shot out faster, higher, and funnier than any clown in the history of...well, clowns. Bubbles knew he did it. This would make his career. This would--


Bubbles smacked right into the window of a hovering helicopter. The force caused the window to crack and bubbles to float right out of his ears. As if in slow motion, Bubbles slowly slid down the length of the window, falling straight down into a manhole and was washed out to sea.

To this day, there have been sightings of Bubbles who washed up on shore of a nearby island except, he wasn't exactly the same. Instead of the bright, red, bulbous nose, he wore an eye patch over his left eye and a hook on his right hand.

Yep, you guessed it. He was the worlds greatest pirate. And, he had developed quite a craving for cheese. Or was it soap?

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