Tuesday, March 18, 2014

EMS 3rd Period: Marlon Barry Jr.

Character and story collaboration by the creative minds of
 Enterprise Middle School's 3rd Period art class. Read about the activity HERE!

Marlon Barry Jr. (yes, there's another one just like him out there!) just had his 25th birthday and couldn't believe how old he had become. He looked back on his life, remembering how much he loved playing soccer as a kid. Why hadn't he stuck with it? Maybe if he had, he would've become a great soccer star!

That's when the greatest idea struck Marlon Barry Jr.! He would go back in time!  His father, somewhat of a crazy inventor, created a time machine that surely could bring Marlon back to his childhood years. But...which exact day and year should he choose?

Marlon thought. And thought. And thought.

Student Drawing

"Ah ha!" he exclaimed. He knew exactly when to go.

He was five years old when he first began playing soccer. That would be the perfect age to begin training! As for the exact day, he would choose the week after his 5th birthday--when he ate 100 ice cream cones. He would be crazy not to relive that day! Well, minus the stomachache. But that was beside the point.

With a thundering boom and a flash of light, Marlon Barry Jr. transported back in time to his five-year-old self. Except...there was one teeny, tiny, little problem. Marlon was--gulp!--stuck in his 25-year-old body!

He may have looked old on the outside, but on the inside, he was that same cute, energetic kid that he remembered so well. He would just have to settle for being a little big for his age, which surely would give him an advantage to his soccer career.
Student Drawing

As time went on, Marlon Barry Jr. became the best player on his team. He could easily outrun, outplay, and out maneuver all those smaller kids. However, he did run into some problems. He never grew bigger as he aged, but his hair continued to grow. Unfortunately, this got him into some pretty hairy situations. Anything and everything seemed to get stuck in his massive curls. Especially on windy days.

Student Drawing
As a prank, another kid on the soccer team who was jealous of Marlon and his mad skills, smothered the soccer ball in super glue. As Marlon gave his best pose for the soccer team photos, his foot stuck to the ball. No matter how hard he tried, Marlon could not remove the ball. The idea of simply removing his shoes never occurred to him.

However, this never stopped him from achieving his dreams and he became a soccer champ, playing in Barcelona, alongside his pet Hot Dog. And if you look closely, you could tell what Marlon has been up to by examining his hair. For instance, you can see just the tip top of the horn belonging to a unicorn that has been deeply embedded in his curls for quite some time. Also? he might have a pet spider in there somewhere...that tarantula has been missing for awhile!

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Vicki Rocho said...

OMG! I love those pictures. I soooo wish I could draw!

Rose Cooper said...

Thanks, Vicki!! The kids drew amazing realistic pictures...so the cartoony drawings were new to some!