Thursday, March 20, 2014

EMS 5th Period: Zylock and the Bionic Werewolves

Character and story collaboration by the creative minds of
 Enterprise Middle School's 2nd Period art class. Read about the activity HERE!

As the story goes, when Zylock was born, his parents were forced to protect him and catapulted him
into the skies, away from the danger. Others say they threw him on a rocket and launched him into space. Nobody can be certain which is true. His parents were unavailable for an interview.

Regardless of how it happened, Zylock crash landed on a nearby planet. A planet that was also a nuclear site.  If you were to view this planet from earth, it would look like the moon. It was round with craters and gave off almost as much light as the moon. Other might say it looked like a cookie.

Maybe it was.

Because of the nuclear waste, Zylock didn't look like earth kids. Even some of the other nuclear kids looked different from him. Some had two heads. Some had four arms. Some had none.

Zylock spent his nights nestled tightly inside cocoons, hanging from the family of trees high above the ground. In his cozy cocoon, he was warm. And safe. Safe from the roaming bionic werewolves that hunted nearby.

In the distance, Zylock could hear the hungry cries. He knew what they searched for. What they hunted. He looked down at the box held tightly in his grasp.

A box. Not a mystery box, but an exclamation point box that looked very much like a treasure chest. And inside that box, besides rotten slices of pizza which were a delicacy to the bionic wolves, there was something else. A bigger secret. So secret, in fact, that not even Zylock knew what it was.

He only knew the bionic werewolves wanted it. Needed it. It was important for their survival.

Whatever it was, the smell attracted hundreds upon hundreds of fish from all over the cookie-looking planet. Fish that were vicious (and bit his big toe) and could live for several days washed up on the land without a drop of water. It became such a problem that Zylock could barely walk without stepping in a puddle of fish.

Zylock knew he wanted a better life than this. So one night after the passing of a storm, when the cookie shower turned into a mere drizzle of sprinkles, Zylock took the treasure chest looking box and went off in search of the secret factory. A factory so secret, not even Zylock knew where it was located.

This lack of information made the journey for Zylock extremely challenging, he even lost the box along the way. But finally, he found the secret factory and went on to make Canadian toasters and become a secret millionaire.

And whatever happened to that non-mystery, treasure chest-looking box?
 To this day, it is still lost and if you look hard enough into the sky late at night and see a slightly orange glowing object that may or may not be moving, it could quite possibly be Zylock's missing box.


Anonymous said...

I really liked your Zylock story!!! I loved the part when you said," Others say the moon planet looked like a cookie...maybe it was..." I thought that was hilarious! Keep on writing, and your art and writing is AMAZING!!! ~Vicky M
5th period :3

Anonymous said...

Awesome writing !
Keep it up !
i'm hooked !