Wednesday, March 19, 2014

EMS 4th Period: Chanel from Norway

Character and story collaboration by the creative minds of
 Enterprise Middle School's 3rd Period art class. Read about the activity HERE!
Chanel, a foreign exchange student from Norway, danced under the dizzying disco ball that hung and spun from the skinny branch of the twisted tree. Chanel was exhausted, her arms ached and her legs burned. She wished more than anything she could this dancing.

But she was cursed. Literally. Chanel had to pay for what she did, and she was sentenced to a lifetime of dancing by a Norwegian Witch.

Chanel sighed, remembering how awesome that night was suppose to be. After all, she had been planning a party. Not just any party, but THE party everyone would be talking about. It was her birthday and she had been determined to have the best of everything. The best cake, best decorations, and definitely the best music.

The family Chanel lived with seemed to have everything. Big house, fancy cars, and all the best things money could buy. So while the family was out, Chanel did a little snooping to look for items she could use for her party.

Chanel had tip toed up the winding staircase, searching the first floor of the house. Nothing.

Then the second floor. Still nothing.

When at last she reached the third floor, she opened the creaky door to the attic and that's when she saw it--the most fabulous party decoration. And she had to have it.

Chanel carefully lifted the disco ball, running her fingers over the smooth, reflective glass. Nobody would care, or even notice, it she took this one little thing. And it wasn't exactly stealing. She just planned to borrow it and give it back after the party.

Little did Chanel know, someone was watching her every move. The family she stayed with had a daughter, Shanee, exactly her age. But that was where any similarities between the two ended. Shanee was unhappy all the time. And very, very angry. She had a secret that she held onto, a secret that included Chanel.

Chanel's leg started cramping from the dancing. She wished she could go back to that night and choose differently. She would choose to not take the disco ball. Or have the party.  Because the night of the party, although Shanee wasn't invited, she still showed up. That was when she told Chanel exactly who she was.

"We're Twitches!" Shanee had yelled at her.

Chanel raised an eyebrow. "We're...what?"

"Twin witches!" Shanee stomped her feet like a kid throwing a tantrum. "We were separated at birth, but we are definitely twins."

Chanel laughed in her face. "There is no such thing as witches!"

"Well if I'm not at witch, then I shouldn't be able to curse you," Shanee threatened, as she muttered words under her breath and pointed at the disco ball. And in the blink of an eye, Chanel began dancing.

And she couldn't stop. Her evil twin sister made certain of that. And because Chanel was definitely not a witch, there was no way to break the curse. So everywhere Chanel went, she took the disco ball. She made it look like she was trying to dance wherever she went, and not because she didn't have a choice.

Chanel's leg cramped up even more, as she lost her balance and slammed against the tree. The branches moved with the force and Chanel's legs and arms kept twitching in rhythmic motion.

The disco ball swung side to side on the edge of the branch. It dangled at the very tip, ready to fall at any moment. Coming up with an idea, Chanel threw her body up against the tree again. It was enough to knock the disco ball off the branch and fall to the ground, shattering into a million tiny pieces.

And as simple as that, Chanel stopped dancing. She collapsed from exhaustion and watched with wide eyes as smoke poured from the shattered pieces of the ball. wasn't smoke. It was Shanee's happiness. It had been taken away from her and locked up inside the ball. Releasing her happiness meant destroying anything evil...including the curse.

Maybe now Chanel could get to know her real sister. As long as she never had to dance or see another disco ball for the rest of her life. Could you really blame her though?

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