Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Empty Head Syndrome

Sometimes my brain feels like mush, overloaded with ideas and overwhelmed with everything else. But today, not so much. Today I suffer from empty headedness (I declare this an actual word!).  So instead of fighting against it, I'll go along with it.

Now, to take some of the useful knowledge i've learned lately and stuff back in...

Stuff such as:

1. When you contact bookstores to set up events or author signings, ALWAYS give them your ISBN first. Otherwise, they're likely not to read past the first few lines of your email, let alone respond to you.

2. While both are large chain bookstores, Borders works very differently than Barnes and Noble. For instance, B&N likes to set up author events with the author while Borders sets everything up through their corporate offices.

3. Excedrin should not be taken at night for headaches. Otherwise, you're likely to be kept up all night long for at least three days wondering why until you finally realize it's packed with caffeine.
4. Insecurities never diminish. Not even with a book contract.

5. Pumkin Muffins from Panera rock!

What info has been overloading your brain lately?

P.S.-Today's Writing Tip:  Proofread carefully to see if you any words out.


Vicki Rocho said...

Egad...writing the book is just the tip of the iceberg, isn't it?

I'm just having trouble focusing on anything lately. If ADD were a virus, I'd have it!

Teenage Bride said...

There is one thing more delicious than pumpkin muffins, PUMPKIN CHEESCAKE!!!!!

Jen Daiker said...

And to think they (who the hell is they?) say that writing the book is the hardest part (amateurs).

I do need to remember that ISBN thing, but gladly I can email you (because you <3 me and I <3 you!) and ask for all the specifics again. Unless your as big as JK Rowling, then I at least hope to get a postcard.

I love B&N, after our conversations the past few days I've really been happy with how B&N works and very disappointed in Borders. Such a shame.

Bahaha... lesson learned. No nightime excedrin.

Pumpkin Muffins? How could I not know about this! Thank you for rectifying the problem.

Anne said...

LOL I love your proofreading tip. I knew not to take excedrin late night but in the early AM it's quite awesome.

Matthew Rush said...

LOL. Did you leave a word out of your P.S. on purpose?

If so that's cute. If not? No big deal.

Melissa said...

Love the picture and I feel you sister!

The English Writer said...

Sound advice thanks, especially the bit about your insecurities remaining despite the contract!!

The Golden Eagle said...

Finishing the book always seems like the end of the road . . . which it isn't, of course.

Panera makes really good food! :)

MT said...

When I feel empty headed...well...maybe I feel more empty headed today than I realized!
Great prooofreading. ;)

Emily White said...

Info overloading my brain: Fall is COLD!

Note to self: must try pumpkin muffin

Casey said...

I always get the pumpkin muffin and orange juice when I go to Panera for breakfast :-) Any other meal, I get a tuna-fish sandwich and chicken noodle soup. TMI. But delicious TMI.

Jennifer Hillier said...

I'm glad I read this post! I'm glad to know I might not be the only one feeling insecure.

I love Panera's chocolate chip cookies. They have ruined me for other chocolate chip cookies. And I like their broccoli cheddar soup too. Perfect comfort food.

Thanks for the tips on B&N and Borders... I'll be tucking that away when it's my turn! :)

TerryLynnJohnson said...

I've been in full panic mode with this promo business. Not even getting any new writing done, unless you count getting up at 2am to write lists of stuff I didn't get done that day. I hear ya!