Sunday, September 13, 2009

Winner of Art Giveaway!

The 2nd Saturday Artwalk at Zelda's last night was great! Thank you to everyone who came out! I loved meeting new people and seeing all my wonderful, supportive friends too. You guys are the greatest!

My monkey (4yr old son, Alex) picked the winner for the Art Giveaway from the bucket, after I shuffled all the pieces it up. It went something like this...

Me: Pick just one.

Alex: Okay....

5 minutest later

Me: Um, you can pick one now.

Alex: I am! (still moving all the paper around with his hand)

5 more minutes later......

Me: Just pick one!

Alex: ok. Here! (with a big smile, proudly gives me one of the slips of paper, then claps). Tell me the name!

Me: The name is Kari

Alex. Oh, I'm not sure about that name. Lemme pick another one...

Me: Um, no!

So with that being said, the winner is Kari Ripplinger!

Yay! Congrats Kari!

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