Monday, September 28, 2009

Folsom Festival & Creepy Pets

This weekend I participated in the two day event-Folsom Gourd & Arts Festival. It was a lot of fun and I met so many amazing people. The heat was near unbearable though, but i survived! (btw, anything over 75 degrees is unbearable to me, and the temp was 103 degrees this weekend!). I posted pics of my art and booth on my art website: RoCo Ink

My brother went with me to help me out--thanks, Brandon! and some of my friends even came out and sat with me for a bit--and even tolerated the heat! Thanks Cristin & Kari! Kari's son brought his new pet with him and, well, lets say I was a bit less than fond of the pet, lol. I'll give you some clues about what type of "pet" it was:
  1. It hisses
  2. It is large (for this type of "pet")
  3. It eats fruit
  4. It is way ugly!
  5. You can put a leash on it. Then again, you can put a leash on just about anything.
  6. This "pet" was featured in a photoshoot in a past season of ANTM
  7. It gives me the creeps!
Okay, so it should be obvious what it is, right? Leave a comment on what you think it is, and I will post later (and maybe a pic too!)

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