Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Contest Anyone?

So...this is what I'm thinking. I haven't had this blog for very long and since I have my new website up and running (Yay!) I'm thinking of doing a contest to help promote my blog/site. I have a couple ideas in mind, but if anyone has an idea of their own, I'd love to hear! Just leave a comment and I promise to read. I'm thinking I'll announce this Friday.

BTW, check out my new up and running site at http://www.rose-cooper.com/. I still have a lot more to add, but I'm having fun with it for now.

In the next day or so I will also be posting about the event at EAST BAY OPEN STUDIOS complete with pics (you don't wanna miss!) and a post about my experience talking to my son's 6th grade class (66 kids!)about how to become an author/illustrator. Yeah, I was sooo nervous since I had never talked in front of a group before, PLUS I had lost my voice the day before at the art event and I was given a microphone. Confession: I've never, ever talked in a microphone before. Karaoke excluded.  So I was sweating bullets just thinking about how well I was going to do with my whisper amplified in front of a crowd of kids who may or may not be bored with what I was prepared to say.

So in the meantime, lemme know if have any ideas for a contest to help promote my blog/site!


Amie B said...

contest? i like contests! query crits and agent-read first chapters always come to mind. or you could do an ARC of your new book....oh, you probably wanted something ORIGINAL.

Rose Cooper said...

I don't have my ARC's yet or I would totally do that! I do like the idea of doing a query crit!! Thanks, Amie! I'll add that one to my list!