Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Voodoo Dolls and Pimped out Carts

So remember I mentioned in my Freak Out! post that I went to East Bay Open Studios as one of the 12 artists to participate in the FABULOUS weekend event at the beginning of June? Since today is the last day of June, I thought it only appropriate to show some pics so you could get an idea of the experience. Remember how I also mentioned in my Freak Out! post that some other things went wrong? Well, I think its only appropriate that I save the more embarrassing moments for July. Yep, That could mean tomorrow!!

So, without furthur ado, dun dun dun...
My tour guide, Sunny, will now take you on this lovely experience.

Now Sunny, this is still MY blog. So be nice.

iPhones are so not dumb. Just sayin.

Remember I made you and I can just as easily unmake you, delete you, whatever, if you don't quit complaining! Besides, I made you BEFORE i started working with characters on paper.

These are too adorable! And the artist herself is terrific. I traded with her and in exchange received two of these lovely Monsters with Heart. Each come with their very own story, no two alike. In fact, the one in the top left corner (the bride named Diamond) I was lucky enough to snag! Yay me!

Um, you don't have TWO rights. So to correct Sunny, the Monster BBQ is on HER left YOUR right, which I'm sure you can already tell. but anway. All I can say is amazing! Photos don't do these justice! And they were just among some of the many, many on display. I'm so jealous. These guys have so much talent. I'm just in awe in their very presence.

It's true. Homeless Don made $150 that weekend. Then three days later he was back on Non-Homeless Don's house trying to squeeze $5 out of him.

Scaredy Cat!!!! Whatever. I'll takeover the tour on this one then. Two blocks down there was another art event going on (although were more awesome) and as I was walking back, this car in the above picture just parked in front of someone's house. If you can see clear enough, there are like Voodoo dolls and heads fixed to the sides and top of the car. SO CRAZY! People driving by were stopping in the middle of the road and getting out to take pictures. Those walking past would stop in their tracks to stare and gawk. The lady who lived in the house that the car parked in front of came out and I talked with her. She said she's never seen the car before. I told her it sure is getting a lot of attention and if I were her, today would be the day to have a garage sale.

Well, maybe next time we'll have to work on having a tour guide who's not so scared of every little thing, eh?

Or has such anger issues.


Matthew Rush said...

Hi Rose. I saw that you became a follower of my blog so I stopped by to return the favor. Nice ta meet ya!

Awesome monsters.

Jen said...

Matthew is such a sweetheart and suggested I come over here for a visit, and since I trust his taste I hopped on over and it was even better than I expected!

Wow Rose how cute is your artwork! Where do you display all of your stuff? These things are adorable and I know that my sister would love to have gotten her hands on the whole wall you designed!!

The other pictures you took were fantastic, how amazing!!

Nice to meet you by the way!!! Oh and I will follow and support your dreams starting today :)

Rose Cooper said...

Hi Matthew- I came across your blog (your profile spoke to me!) and loved reading your posts. I love meeting new writers. Thanks!!

Hi Jen- Thanks so much!I display mostly in Northern California (and have a boutique that sells my art in Campbell, CA). I'm hoping to get an online shop set up in the near future.
So great to meet you and Matthew! Thanks for the kind words!!

Stephanie said...

LOVE it!