Tuesday, May 25, 2010


I was really surprised to see GOSSIP FROM THE GIRLS' ROOM is already on Amazon and available for pre-order. Yay! Although there's no cover image up yet, you can also pre-order from the Random House website HERE.

In Sofia's words . . .

Mia St. Claire is only the most popular girl in all of Middlebrooke Middle School. For three very obvious reasons:

1. She's very rich.

2. She has tons of money.

3. She can buy anything and everything she wants. And she does.

I'm sure people like her for other reasons too, but none of those reasons are obvious enough for me to really know. Or care about, for that matter.

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WingingIt said...

hey baby....had a great weekend hanging out with you and your girls....ha....hope you did not get lost getting home....hey is there any chance i can get into the street fair you are doing in september? love my artwork darling!! check out my blog today...photos galore!