Friday, October 5, 2012

A Zombie ate my brain. And stole my heart.

So what have I been up since my last book, Secrets From The Sleeping Bag, was published?  I've been pitching more book ideas. I would love to expand my tween writing to young adult. Over the last few months my brain bucket has been overflowing with ideas. It's been keeping me from sleeping, eating (ah, who are we kidding..I always have an appetite), and wishing I were writing 24/7 instead of working all day at my desk job.

My ideas are so scattered. From dark and edgy, to sci-fi and fantasy. I've been dabbling in genres that I never thought I would, and I love the challenge.

So while I do the one thing I'm so not good at doing (waiting and being patient), I've been sketching and writing a new idea in my notebook. It has to do with monsters, creatures, and a human. Personality disorders, a shipwreck, and an uninhabited island. The image here is one of my characters sketches for the story. I think I'll start posting more character sketches and give some samples from the story.

What ideas do you have floating around in your head?


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