Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Black Widow

Looks like Sofia posted The Best Contest. Ever. On her blog today! And don't be surprised if her parrot starts repeating things he hears on my blog. He seems pretty nosey.

My art show is only days away and I'm scampering around trying to get things together. I made a second hanging art doll, which is much smaller than the first, but I like her just as much. I'm hoping to crank out one more by Friday. So today, I'd like to introduce you to her and tell you a little about her story.

The Black Widow

It's hard to tell from the picture, but her
dress is also covered in cobwebs

Abigail met a tragic, untimely death when an insanely terrifying dream about venomous spiders will needle sharp teeth proved too much for her sickly heart. She woke up in a world surrounded by nothing more than black widows. Her biggest fear. The fear that sent her spiraling to her death. But the widows offered her nothing more than peace and companionship. Now Abigail unhappily floats aimlessly, waiting for the day when she will have a pleasant dream, often forgetful of any previous life, hopes, and happiness.


Candyland said...

Very cool! I can't believe you can do stuff like that!

Teenage Bride said...

You are so super talented. I want to see more. I love the stories behind these creations.

Rose Cooper said...

Thanks Candyland! I love doing this stuff!

Teenage Bride-Thank you :) I will continue to post as I make. I have some doll head art necklaces I just made, so I'll get those up this week too. I feel that putting a story with the art gives it more of a personality, a deeper meaning beneath the physical appearance and kind of a look inside my head while I make these. I attach a piece of torn paper handwritten with these stories to the dolls when I sell them.

Jen said...

Be glad I love you or I wouldn't have stopped by. I read none of your post, I'm terrifed of the S word and the minute I saw fake one's attached to the picture I was out... Don't hate me... but today Sofia has a cooler blog.


Vicki Rocho said...

EEEK! How awful to be scared to death by spiders then have to spend eternity with them. You are wickedly creative.

beth said...

That's kewl that she started her own blog. I want the MC in my WIP to make a fb page but I thougth I should wait until I get an offer on it.

Rose Cooper said...

Thanks, Vicki! I try :)

Hi Beth! I was thinking about an FB page too, but thought it would be a bit much with the blog too. If you wait till you get an offer then you know the public will be seeing her/him soon and that could be your way to intro your MC.