Wednesday, June 17, 2015

How I Almost Accidentally Stole a Car

I love looking back on old posts and tweets. Since I can barely remember yesterday, it's like getting a whole box full of new memories. I found an old tweet that reminded me of a real life "duh" moment.

I've actually had a ton of these embarrassing moments in my life and I've learned it's easier to accept this than fight it.

It's just who I am.

So in celebration of my self-acceptance, I share this moment of embarrassment with you. With drawings. Since visuals help to paint the picture. Plus, I can make myself look thinner. Score!

FYI...this is just a reenactment of an actual, totally true incident that was experienced.

It's nighttime. It's dark out.. The sun is gone. There is one moon and approximately two stars in the sky. Which is black, btw. Because it's night.

I leave a store (insert name of store here because I don't remember), and I'm guessing I probably had a lot off serious thoughts running through my mind. Kind of like when you're on auto-pilot while driving and you suddenly wonder how you ended up at home. I was parked in the very front, facing the store windows. So with my serious mind, I casually yet elegantly walk the few feet to my car, a black Prius.

Then I go through these actions while thinking these thoughts:

Open driver side door. Can't believe I left the door unlocked.

Proceed to climb into the drivers seat. Wonder why I suddenly shrunk.

Push the start button and my finger hits the dashboard. Thinking how strange it is that the start button is missing.

That was about the point where the little light bulb went off for me  When I looked around and actually paid attention to where I was and what I was doing.

Where: In someone else's car.
What: attempting to steal someone else's car...?

And not just someone else's car, but a black 4-runner. So yeah, you can see the resemblance here and how this mix-up could've easily happened to anyone.

Of course the moment this realization hit, I did what I always do under pressure---I panicked! I didn't jump out, but instead threw myself out of the vehicle while maintaining my gracefulness.

I then proceed to cautiously and non- guiltily view my surroundings to make sure  nobody was calling the cops for breaking into their car. Or worse... taking proof of this incident on their phone.

Nope. I was in the clear. So I literally ran one parking spot over to my actual, real car, and fumbled with the locked door. 
After I get into the safety of MY vehicle, I make sure no one is watching me from the store windows.

Nope. Still good.

I then drove off and learned my lesson to pay better attention and never tried to drive away in someone else's car ever again.

Just kidding!

Although I can say I usually only go so far as trying to pick the lock on cars that look exactly like mine now, before I realize what I'm doing. See, it's an improvement!

There was one other factor to this story that I didn't mention--I wasn't alone. My brother was with me. And he actually got into the passenger seat before we both looked at each other and had that "ah-ha!" moment (after the start button disappeared). So, does that take the embarrassment level down a notch?

And I can prove to you that it really did happen. Because I tweeted about it. And I wouldn't post something untrue, right?

Have you ever tried to almost accidentally steal a car similar to yours?


Kimberly Montgomery said...

Are we going to need to get you a babysitter? And I want a card out of those 3 'eyes' drawings! There's gotta be a good greeting in there somewhere!

XXOO Your personal slave driver.

Lilia Westmore said...

Yes, Rose Coooper, I nearly stole a Prius just like our car. It was blue. My husband gave me the key 'cause I didn't want to wait because the line was long at the market. Well, I pressed the broken key (you know what that is, yes?). Pressed it again. And again. Nothing happened. Then, I looked at the registration number. I felt so foolisf, looked around to see if someone saw me. Thank heavens, the parking lot was empty - except for me, of course, trying to unlock a pale blue Prius, exact color as our Prius!!! My husband had a good laugh when I told him!

Bless you!!!

Lilia (Lilya)