Monday, August 25, 2014

Lazy Daisy

I just got a first puppy ever (I've always been more of a cat person) and adopted Daisy from the SPCA. She's nine months old, and already a handful. 

For instance, I took her on a walk....

Whoa! Calm down girl. So I finally got her to walk again, but then she was like....

Don't over do it, Daisy. So in a firm voice I told her "C'mon shmoopy" and urged her on her back up and walking.

By this point we had been out for 20 min and had walked a total of half a block. I know what you're thinking...slow down, don't over do it!

No problem. Because in that next instance Daisy spotted a squirrel, got so excited and was all...

BAM! Excitement sucked the energy right out of her little body. So much, that I could not get her to stand up and walk. 

So what's a girl to do? This walk was apparently over so I scooped Daisy up and carried her home. 

As soon as we got home, she did this incredible act of excitement...

She had a hard day...can you blame her?


Amie Borst said...

Haha! We should trade dogs. My puppy is like the energizer bunny!

Give Daisy a puppy hug from me.

Launa Brinton said...


Maybe you need to put a hotdog on a stick and tie it to her so it hangs 2ft in front of her. Food motivates a lot of creatures!! ;-)

Such a precious pup!!