Friday, October 11, 2013

Bella Vista High Career Day

So today I had the pleasure of presenting at my son's high school for career day (my son was even in the first session! *Hi Christian!*)   In the past I've spoken at elementary schools, I've given workshops for adults, but the thought of presenting to high school students was a bit intimidating! And not just because most of them are taller than me! So I went into my first session feeling like this:

But by the end of my last session felt like this:
Because the students were AWESOME. and the teacher was AWESOME. and so was the staff. And I have to give teachers a lot of credit. It was hard to remember if I told one group of students certain info already, or if that was the previous class I discussed it with. And talking a lot? Wow, I need a nap! That kind of thing really wears you out!
So....the students asked some really great questions, and it's the questions that any new writer would have.  Its the stuff that writers might forget after awhile or take for granted. And it was so great to see students excited and eager.  And even some that have already started writing a book!   
Some questions were about age limitations to becoming an author. I gave an example of my BWFE (Best Writing Friend Ever) Amie Borst and her daughter, Bethanie, who co-authored their upcoming book series. Age does not limit your passion and what you can accomplish. And I think Bethanie proves just that.
I think some of the questions asked would make great blog posts for new writers so I'm going to try and post some of these next week...along with resources that can help too. 
What questions do you have that you would like to see as a blog post?
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SA Larsenッ said...

Well, you looked FANGTASTIC by the end. LOL

Must have been so cool for your son. :)