Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Revision Hell and Chocolate!

"I am in revision hell...and now brainless. If only I had a cup of coffee..."

Happy Happy Joy Joy! DOODLE DIVAS are going to be sold in select shops. They are being sold as cards and prints. Pretty soon I'll expand on those. But in the meantime, I'm super happy! There's even more happening, which I can't share at the moment, but I have made a website for the DIVAS and they're just dying to meet everyone! You can visit them at www.TheDoodleDivas.com. Plus, free shipping on all orders in the U.S. till September.

Some of the awesness oozed by fellow writers and besties came up with super fun sign sayings. Jen Daiker came up with "Revision Hell" (above) and Amie Borst came up with "Chocolate" (Below). I'm going to come up with more geared towards writers as well.

So what do you think of the DIVA website?


Dawn Ius said...

I love the website! I definitely see me purchasing some doodle diva artwork in the very near future :-)

Carrie said...

These are so cute and funny. I love the website. Very cool.

GigglesandGuns said...

Website is too much. Looks like a great place to shop for my wacky friends.

Amie Borst said...

how did i miss this post? LOVE your divas, my insanely awesome diva friend!